WE REACHED OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL!! Thank you so much to everyone who came forward to support this project. This is a MASSIVE WAVE! Thank you for pledging, sharing, liking, and being ambassadors of our project! We will be keeping everyone updated throughout this process, and your rewards will start going out in the next few months.

From all of us at Meow Wolf, we are so blessed by all this support, so grateful to have such an incredible community, and so humbled by this whole experience. Now we go forward!!

As a special thank you, I want to share the mini-documentary with all of our backers. This video was produced by 12FPS in Santa Fe, NM. 12FPS is an amazing PR Firm with some top-notch production, offices both in Santa Fe and the Bay Area. Thank you, again.

Meow Wolf from 12FPS on Vimeo.

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