Meow Wolf Featured in Travel & Leisure!

For those who do not know Travel and Leisure is a powerhouse travel website, which unleashes to its audience gems in all things travel. It is an honor to be featured on this platform. I really had to take a moment to thank Travel and Leisure, share this with our network and write down some thoughts.

Today’s article about the House of Eternal Return is entitled, “In Santa Fe, the Past Meets the Future.” It was written by Amanda Fortini with over 3500 words that go into depth about Meow Wolf and The House of Eternal Return. It also touches on George R.R. Martin, the Mayor Javier Gonzalez and Santa Fe as a whole including our art scene.

It does my heart good when I see a genuinely well-written article about our city in a powerful venue and even more so when Meow Wolf is prominent and placed right along with it. When we get acknowledged in important spaces it is an opportunity to share our creations and hopefully inspire others along the way. At the end of the day we really can’t ask for much more than this.

The conclusion of the article is a resource and shares ideal things to do in Santa Fe, including places to stay, restaurants and activities.

Again thank you, Ms. Fortini for taking the time to share your insight about Meow Wolf and Santa Fe with your readers. We are proud to call Santa Fe home and ecstatic to share Meow Wolf with the world.

Click here to read the full article, and if you feel driven to share, please do so.

With joy and excitement,