New Elements Coming Soon to House of Eternal Return!

New elements to The House of Eternal Return include: audiences having the chance to interact with new musical instruments and discover new clues and...
by Geet Jacobs
Jan 08, 2017

Meow Wolf is excited to announce some new additions to the phenomenon art exhibit, House of Eternal Return!

From January 17th to January 31st, Meow Wolf will be closed to the public while the team installs brand new rooms, experiences, sculptures, and also unveils a new portal from the house into the multiverse!

Audiences will have the chance to interact with new musical instruments and discover new clues and content about the mystery of the family. There will even be new, secret messages written throughout the exhibition that can only be discovered with special flashlights.

Meow Wolf will have its Grand Reopening on February 1st to the public and a party with GO DΔRK, doseone and 1960 Sci Fi Era on Thursday night February 2nd!

Wilderness, by Adam Drucker, doseone

The featured new exhibition is a brand new, interactive and immersive experience from musical legend doseone (Adam Drucker), from Oakland, CA. doseone is most well-known for his work with Anticon Records acts Themselves, cLOUDDEAD, Subtle, 13 & God, and his newest group Go Dark.

“doseone’s geometric and psychedelic aesthetics connected incredibly well with the team, and we are all so psyched to share this experience with the public.”  — Matt King, Chief Creative Officer, Meow Wolf.

doseone was Meow Wolf’s first artist-in-resident, a program that Meow Wolf plans on incorporating on an annual basis. Artists are given a room and one month to work with Meow Wolf artists to create an immersive experience.

“dose has been an influence of ours since we were all teenagers. It is incredible to now be working with him, and it is no wonder that we are so aligned on things. We are definitely trying to bring similar things to the world.” — Vince Kadlubek, CEO Meow Wolf

Wilderness will be one of Meow Wolf’s largest single rooms, with multiple interactive music controllers that people can play together. The project was designed by Doseone, with sound design by fellow Oakland-based artist Charlie Huguenard. Sculptures within the exhibit were produced by Chris Hilson, with lighting and fabrication help from the entire Meow Wolf team.

“The Life Affirming Ethos & Energy withing MEOW WOLF is only rivaled by the beautiful people that constitute its collective.” says artist Adam Drucker, aka “doseone”.

“I realize the term “DREAM FACTORY” is an oxymoron, however I can think of no more correct words with which to descried my experience bringing an empty room to LIFE at MEOW WOLF. In a world where more & more things seem to have less & less integrity, MEOW WOLF represents the opposite. It is a multi dimensional ‘bowling alley’ where the artist is gold, and creation is king…it is HOME to a person like me…it is my FAVORITE place on earth”.

WILDERNESS is a capture and abstraction of modern human nature as it re-defines itself around current turbulent times and technologies.

Its sculptures, sounds, and lyrics coil around the concept of humanities slow self imposed removal of itself from the “animal kingdom”, and paw at what our changing nature might then become.

“ I wonder sometimes what a life lived in only rooms, buildings and business’s has done to me, I find myself longing to eat with my face like lions do, to run like mouse from owl with all my life, to GO WILD and live with all of me at stake, not just hunt rent to keep myself in a safe place. I feel deeply that there is more to life than just killing bills, WILDERNESS is a playful yet purposeful fabrication of these feelings. ” says artist, Adam Drucker (“doseone”)



doseone… Design, Music, Sculpture, Painting

Charlie Huguenard… Interactive Music Tech

Chris Hilson… Sculpture, Design, Painting

Matt King… Painting, Design

Chris Baren… Tech, Design

Chris Brodsky… Sculpture

Blake Cahill… Sculpture

Stephanie Kitts… Painting

Cat Mills… Painting