Meow Wolf Commits $125,000 Annually to Santa Fe Schools and Non-Profits

Our $125,000 annual fund will go to support arts and sports programs for Santa Fe students as well as social non-profit programs.

Meow Wolf and the House Of Eternal Return have enjoyed a phenomenally successful first year of operations in Santa Fe. To celebrate this success and the community’s ongoing support, we are establishing an annual fund to aid Santa Fe-based non-profit and public school activities, which include arts and sports programs.

Meow Wolf will donate $125,000 on an annual basis to support local children and local grassroots social efforts.

“Meow Wolf has been such a magical experience and we’ve received nothing less than amazing support for our project,” says Vince Kadlubek, Meow Wolf CEO. “Because we are local artists from the community, naturally we’re motivated and excited to give back now and on an annual basis. As long as we are successful, we will ensure that funds will go to help important social efforts in our community.”

Vince (far right) with the Salazar Knights Wrestling Team

Meow Wolf will gift $125,000 based on the discretion of sub-committees created within the company. These committees will pull interests from a variety of our employees. The arts collective will include $25,000 per year to support Santa Fe Public School athletics programs and arts programs.

“Often times, far too often, school is difficult for kids,” says Vince. “We recognize the special importance of activities such as local sports and arts programs, both of which give kids an outlet for expression and both of which are on the budget chopping block.”

Over the course of the year, Meow Wolf will work with local schools and public school administration to support these programs through proper channels. We recently supported the Salazar Knights Elementary Wrestling Team and it was an honor and joy helping students enjoy sports and stay fit.

As we all know, the economic reality of New Mexico is quite dire. Fortunate business owners and private individuals have a responsibility to step up and support the community in times when local and state resources are not enough. It is our sincere hope that our fund will motivate others to do the same. Now is the time.

For donation requests, visit: Make a Request