Premiere! Meow Wolf in Red Bull TV’s Wild New “Screenland”

We are excited to announce that Meow Wolf will be featured in a new Red Bull TV series called SCREENLAND. This documentary series will debut April 24.

Screenland | Launching April 24 on Red Bull TV and Hulu

Super exciting news: Meow Wolf will be featured in a new Red Bull TV documentary series called SCREENLAND that debuts April 24th. The series will simultaneously launch on Hulu.

Screenland is produced by School of Humans and immerses viewers in the world of outcast visionaries, dreamers, inventors, storytellers and artists who are revolutionizing the world as we know it through the screens all around us. From virtual reality to augmented reality, experimental games to arcade classics and fully immersive worlds— the new documentary series follows the journey of the mad-scientist indie rebels who are fighting against all odds to make their marks on the screens that connect us all.

You can check out the Screenland trailer here:


Benji GearyAbove: Screenland production photo

Red Bull TV takes you beyond the ordinary with exclusive video from globetrotting adventurers, new music and entertainment from trendsetting artists, and live events featuring top athletes from around the world. We can’t wait for Screenland to hit the air, and we are pumped to announce its Monday, April 24 premiere!

All episodes launch April 24 on Hulu and RedBull TV on web, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and more.

[On Monday, 4/24 we’ll update this page with a direct URL so you can catch the series premiere and view it directly when it goes LIVE.]


A few production photos!

Vince Kadlubek