Gallery: Meow Wolf’s Helter Shelter at Eclipse, 2017

Where were you during the solar eclipse? Meow Wolf exhibited a village of surreal cottages at the Eclipse Festival in Oregon. Pictures inside!
by Billiam Rodgers
Aug 28, 2017

The Meow Wolf team is back after their installation at Oregon’s cosmic Eclipse Festival.

The crew was exhibiting Helter Shelter, a forest village that plays off of the surreal community that formed around the total eclipse of the sun on August 21. We recently ran some process photographs of Helter Shelter, but now that the festival is over we can show the huts in all their lunar glory. Many thanks to our photographer Lindsey Kennedy for the pics!

Caity Kennedy, Meow Wolf’s chief creative officer, described Helter Shelter as a “welcoming and weird” place apart from all the stimulus of the festival. The goal of the team was to create an expansive, yet cozy, space that rewarded curiosity.

“Some of the most memorable experiences at a psychedelic music festival are when you stumble upon a magical quiet space. The village provided people that escape, surprising them with an unexpected personal experience marked by an enchanted sense of discovery.”

Helter Shelter featured five small cottages that used interactivity to communicate their grand personalities. Laser Harp Hut had guests playing with one of our customized laser harps inside of a tiny dwelling with fog coming out of a crooked chimney pipe. Buttonland, an experiment in crowd-operated art, allowed guests to program their own light and sound displays on a wall of glowing arcade buttons.

The huts Gretchen and Baby Gretchen offered colorful accommodations, both large and small, for relaxation and contemplation. Observatory played off the eclipse theme with a colorful periscope that allowed people to peek in on the rest of the festival.

Please enjoy the gallery! If you’d like to share these photographs with a friend, kindly use the social media links below. Meow Wolf has one more engagement on the summer festival circuit, which we will announce soon. Keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for the scoop!