Hotspot: House of Eternal Return’s Venue and Events

The House of Eternal Return's Venue space has been A success. Since the day House of Eternal Return opened its doors the venue has been active with shows.

House of Eternal Return‘s Venue space is a big success. Since the day it opened its doors, the intimate and dynamic venue has been active with shows. Our first two acts were Amanda Palmer and CocoRosie. Performers hard to top! Yet subsequent acts have been just as captivating. The word is spreading among performers that House of Eternal Return’s stage is one to book.

And news is spreading…

The venue was named one of the Top Ten Music Venues in the United States by Yelp and over the summer of 2017, Meow Wolf enhanced the appeal by streaming shows live, including Hurray for the Riff Raff, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas and more.

The venue has a ravenous hunger for action: not a week has passed without a show. Most weeks have several, and many shows have played to sold out audiences.

Hurray for the Riff Raff
Hurray for the Riff Raff

Some of calendar’s anchors are Friday Night MELTSHAKE and Saturday Night Dance Monster, both dispense dance music a few times a month to Santa Fe’s weekend crowd. Creative acts such as the Santa Fe Opera’s Junior Performers and Carlos Medina, a local favorite comedian, have also taken the stage.

Meow Wolf isn’t just providing great shows to its Rufina Street location but to all of Santa Fe. We’ve produced satellite shows through the Santa Fe Plaza and larger venues like the Santa Fe Opera House that have featured acts Bon Iver, Beach House and Meow Wolf’s famous and trademark Monster Battle, an annual event that features costumed dance and light-hearted monster vs. monster roughhousing. Since 2008 Monster Battle has been a Santa Fe favorite.

Also enormously popular are the show posters for the venue’s events. Show posters are a long and proud artistic tradition. Meow Wolf’s posters are eye-catching artworks. View them here!

To catch a show in our venue space, check the full list of events on our Facebook page and our website here.