Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return.

New Year’s Day: A Nap Before Our Biggest Year Yet

New Year’s Day is for reflection, renewal and rest. Three of the finer R’s. Here at Meow Wolf we’re going to take a nap, maybe wake up at noon and draw a picture or two or clean some tools. But don’t let our brief respite fool you!

Meow Wolf has big news in the first months of 2018. We’re going to be doing many exciting things in this new year. We’ll expand our well-known horizons as well as make our way toward new ones.

Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return. Photo Kate Russell.
Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return. Photo Kate Russell.
Photo Credit: Kate Russell

As we return to our studios and computers and workshops in the new year we’ve got a pretty clear New Year’s Resolution: to reflect upon what we’ve created and to learn from it. Then from that learning, to create new things: new spaces, experiences and intimate moments. Not only to build upon what we’ve done, but to create more of what you love.

This can’t be an easy process. To change takes energy. Change requires new experiences and mediums and the acceptance of new ideas. This is true of any resolution. We may resolve to straighten some of our best habits or to dismantle some of our most harmful. No matter which we choose, the path will be difficult.

So, rest with us today. At most, dream of what’s possible, but allow yourself a good amount of slowness. For tomorrow the pace picks up and we’ve to make good on our resolutions.

Thank you all, so much and always, for being a part of our orbit.

Photos by Kate Russell

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