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It’s True...Meow Wolf is coming to SPACE!!!
The meteoric rise of the Santa Fe art collective continues with its most enterprising project yet — a permanent art installation and space tourist destination set to be placed within “Low Earth Orbit” in 2030.
Meow Wolf
March 2, 2022

Our heads are spinning, but at least they’re maintaining a geocentric orbit. Meow Wolf is beyond thrilled — to put it lightly — to announce our most ambitious project to date: Meow Wolf LEO (Low Earth Orbit)!

This 500-square-foot, habitable artificial satellite will be both the first step towards bringing permanent art installations into space while simultaneously providing the world’s most accessible and affordable space tourism opportunity to date!

Following the anticipated opening of Meow Wolf Phoenix in 2024, the LEO location is set to launch in 2030. Meow Wolf LEO will literally push the boundaries of humanity’s cultural impact as we face an increasingly uncertain future on our home planet.

Alvin Beck-Duke, Meow Wolf’s Executive Ambassador for Interstellar Technologies, says: “Like the 40,000-year-old cave painting in Indonesian Borneo’s Lubang Jeriji Saléh, LEO will one day be seen as a significant marker of human achievement in culture: the first example of post-terrestrial art.”

Currently home to the majority of manmade objects in space — including scientific observation satellites, iridium satellites transmitting voice and data coverage, and the International Space Station itself — LEO is the lowest energy option for satellite placement. The proximity also provides accessibility for any servicing needs. As such, Meow Wolf plans to maintain a rotating crew capable of piloting, maintenance, and hosting up to two participants at a time.

Graphic: Science ABC

Each and every participant of Meow Wolf LEO will be selected via lottery after having completed the proper training audit, which will be sponsored by Meow Wolf. We believe that, like art, space tourism should be accessible to everyone, and so we are dedicated to making this installation as affordable and inclusive as possible!

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Concerning the interactive art installation planned for LEO, Meow Wolf is planning to unveil a timeline for proposals in the coming months, but a portion of the available space (which will be pressurized and separated from the crew’s quarters) will likely include some objects and materials acquired via previous space travel. In addition, LEO will include an observation cupola providing views of another great work of art: Planet Earth itself!

The announcement of Meow Wolf LEO follows a series of new project announcements — the latest being Phoenix — as we expand our footprint throughout the multiverse.

Later this year, Las Vegas will be the first city to experience what Time Out just named “the #4 Best Thing To Do In The World” when we open a new narrative exhibit inside a bizarrely-immersive shopping bazaar: Area15.

Also underway are two projects in Denver: a third permanent installation inside a 90,000-square-foot space, as well as “Kaleidoscape,” the first ever artist-driven dark ride at Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park. Most recently, Meow Wolf shared expansion plans to Washington D.C., which is slated to open inside a three-level, 75,000-square-foot structure located in the Fort Totten community in 2022.

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