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Spring Break at Meow Wolf: What You Need to Know
We'll be open daily at 9 a.m. and open on Tuesdays. Read our pro-tips for your best trip!
Dave Jasmon
January 15, 2020

It’s almost spring break! What better time to check out Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s recent upgrades, including installations from artists like Pip & Pop, and brand new narrative elements from Afrofuturist creators Tyler English-Beckwith and Hakeem Adewumi!

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Peep our Pro-tips for the best spring break at Meow Wolf.

This time of year brings lots of visitors, which can mean longer-than-usual lines, so here are some extra steps to accommodate the influx of visitors and make sure everyone has the best experience.

You'll flip for Spring Break at Meow Wolf! Look out for performers like these at peak times this season. Photo by Kate Russell

Here’s what you need to know...

1) Tuesday Access - Two Tuesdays!  Locals are used to Meow Wolf being closed on Tuesdays, but this spring break Meow Wolf will be open for two Tuesdays (March 19th and the 26th)! Take advantage of Tuesday and beat the crowds.

2) Get Here Early - New 9 a.m. start time for March 15th through March 31. We are opening earlier to give you more time and flexibility to plan your visit!

3) Travel Light - Due to the anticipation of a higher volume of visitors, our coat check and luggage storage capacity will be limited. Please leave your valuables at home. Bring your imaginations and sense of discovery.

4) Prepare to Wait - At peak times like during spring break, our lines can be long. It’s important to plan your visit with this in mind. Wait times average around 30 minutes to an hour, but could exceed that at peak times. Only one member of your party needs to hold your group's place in line.

5) Weekday nights - Oftentimes weekday nights (after 4 p.m.) are less busy and have shorter wait times. If the afternoon line has got you down, grab a bite and plan for an evening trip through the Multiverse. Also, our gift shop offers a 15% discount for tickets purchased or checked in after 3 p.m. A coupon is required for the discount

6) Online vs. In-Person Tickets - Repeat visitors know we often have two lines for entry: online ticket purchasers and in-person. There’s no guarantee to which will be faster on any given day.  WHAT WE RECOMMEND: Feel it out! When you arrive, scope out the line, and either purchase tickets online on your phone or hop in the in-person ticket buyer line. BUT. . . please be prepared to wait, even if you did purchase your tickets before arriving. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

7) Thrive While You Wait - The line outside is partially shaded, so that’s a relief, but bring a hat if you need personal shade. We often have staff, activities, and sometimes live music to pass the time while you get ready to enter the House of Eternal Return.

8) Don’t Go Hungry - We HIGHLY recommend checking out the food trucks in our parking lot. Why not grab a quick bite to eat while you wait? Win-win! Check out our list of nearby restaurants below for more options.

Worth the wait! Our visitor services staff works quickly to get guests into the experience. Use our tips (above) to make your wait more enjoyable. Photo by Kate Russell

*Sure, the lines might be longer, BUT REMEMBER...

In February, we did our annual upgrades to the exhibit, and in our opinion it has never looked better! There is a new narrative chapter to explore, new rooms, new murals, and new installations that are yours to discover and enjoy.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Where Do I Park?

Meow Wolf has our own parking lot for guests! But, our exhibit accommodates more guests than our parking lot does. Carpool options for groups are preferred.  Here’s a small map of the neighborhood with good (and safe) parking zones. Please be respectful of our neighbors when using street parking.

We have our own parking lot – just look for the giant robot – but it fills up in peak times. Try carpooling with your group. Neighborhood and street parking is available, but please be mindful of where you park. Photo by Kate Russell

What Are Some Nearby Dining Options?

Don’t explore on an empty stomach. Or perhaps you need to fuel up after an epic day in the House of Eternal Return. No matter the case, here are a few recommendations for restaurants nearby:

Tortilla Flats is a great place to grab some New Mexican food. It is located right across the street from us, and if you bring your receipt to the front desk we offer a ticket discount! The discount ALSO works the opposite way. If you bring your Meow Wolf receipt to Tortilla Flats, you will receive a discount off your meal! This is a great way to save some money while enjoying the local cuisine. All you gotta know is: red or green?

Alicia’s Tortilleria is right around the bend on Rufina Circle, and their freshly-made tortillas lay the perfect foundation for everything from burritos to tacos and enchiladas.

Second Street Brewery is just around the corner — it is a local brewhouse and restaurant that has great locally-made beer and food.

Float Cafe is Meow Wolf’s very own bar that specializes in multiverse-themed cocktails and coffee. Grab a cold brew – either kind. Float has cold beverages and snack options, just head into the lobby and turn left before the desk. You can’t miss it!

Join us for coffee, cold beverages and cocktails in Float cafe, right next to the gift shop. Photo by Kate Russell

Does Meow Wolf Offer Any Discounts for Admission?

We offer lower ticket prices for military members, as well as seniors and children. Make sure to check the requirements and age limits here!

From March 15th through the 31st — after 3pm — the gift shop will be offering a 15% discount on purchases for tickets purchased or checked in after 3 p.m. A coupon is required for the discount as well as a wristband from admission into the exhibit. Make sure to grab some Meow Wolf gear to commemorate your visit!

New this year is the New Mexico Educators Discount. If you are an educator, make sure to bring your ID for 50% off admission to the exhibit!

Our visitor services staff will assist with tickets, any eligible discounts, and prep you on the narrative of the House of Eternal Return. Photo by Kate Russell

How Long Does the Whole Experience Usually Take?

Once you have your tickets and enter the exhibit, the whole experience usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours to see everything. However, we encourage everyone to explore at their own pace. The Multiverse is vast.

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Our first art ride, Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape, opens on April 20th at Denver’s Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park! It’s a mind-bending voyage of creative discovery through transforming, artist-designed landscapes. See you there!

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