Reverb: Meow Wolf’s Music Scene Echoes Nationwide
As we head into the new year, we look back at mind melting music that graced us this year. Music was, is, and will always be part of our lifeblood at Meow Wolf.
2018, We Loved You
Dec 28 by Alison Gamache
This year at Meow Wolf was jam-packed, and we're overflowing with love and appreciation for everyone who shared these experiences. We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store! 😉
Keep Contemporary brings light on the darkest night
Dec 21 by Alison Gamache
It’s fitting that local gallery Keep Contemporary would open its group show “Everything is Illuminated” on the darkest night of the year. Theirs is a lesson in relevancy. Founder and…
Getting Personal with Brother Ali
Dec 15 by Alison Gamache
Brother Ali is a deeply personal poet and Muslim-American hip-hop artist who has earned critical acclaim with socially conscious lyrics and, at times, prophetic messaging. But talking to Ali felt…
Real to Reel: our story on screen
Dec 11 by Alison Gamache
Our documentary film chronicles our DIY story from the basement to the bowling alley to being in business.
Our Millionth Number One: House of Eternal Return
Jul 17 by Alison Gamache
On Monday, July 16th at Meow Wolf Santa Fe we celebrated our one millionth guest! The wild success of our exhibit, House of Eternal Return could not have been possible…
Ready for The King’s Mouth?
Apr 30 by Alison Gamache
This month a new immersive installation will be taking over part of our FLOAT bar + café area as the airplane departs for its next destination. Wayne Coyne’s acclaimed installation King's…
Meow Files: Cathy Laughlin, Lead Automation and Interactive Lighting Designer
Apr 13 by Alison Gamache
Cathy Laughlin is Meow Wolf’s lead Automation & Interactive Lighting Developer. Her main work for HoER was designing and programming the Show Controller which is the control system that allows…
The Atrium
Meow Wolf Premieres VR Experience “The Atrium” at SXSW
Apr 3 by Alison Gamache
Meow Wolf is still elated with the success of SXSW 2018. The five-day annual festival which took over the city of Austin, TX was rife with music, art, and immersive…
Galaga Legacy Champs Gear Up for Score Wars
Mar 21 by Alison Gamache
The Galaga World Championship is rapidly approaching. At the end of March, the best players from around the world will be competing at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe for an…