The Meow Wolf Outside Scavenger Hunt at SXSW, Austin
What started as fierce (even cutthroat) competition ended with an experiment in consensus-making at the Meow Wolf Outside Scavenger Hunt, one of our immersive experiences for the 2018 South by…
From The Surface of Sublunar: Our New Year’s Eve Celebration
Dec 26 by Billiam Rodgers
New Year's Eve celebrations are fascinating because New Years is a conceptual holiday. The first night is a holiday about time, arbitrarily determined, which sets it apart from other holidays…
Our Winter Worlds of Wonder: Part Two
Dec 10 by Billiam Rodgers
Winter worlds are great environments for storytelling because they're so adaptable. They're able to inspire (the quiet grandeur of the mountains after a snowfall) or terrify (Jack Torrance slowly going…
Freak or Treat: Exhibition-Spanning Halloween Theater with Alien Goths
Oct 23 by Billiam Rodgers
Halloween is a chaotic holiday and this year the House has been hard at work manifesting sinister doppelgängers, a goth band from outer space and a friendly monster the size of a…
Halloween Returns to Meow Wolf with “Freak or Treat”
Oct 6 by Billiam Rodgers
We're professional freaks, so Halloween is a very special holiday for the artists of Meow Wolf. We like to go as big as we can to honor this weirdest of…
Gallery: Unveiling “The Art Motel” at Life Is Beautiful!
Sep 22 by Billiam Rodgers
After months of preparation The Art Motel is here! This installation is our vision for the Life is Beautiful festival this weekend in Las Vegas. Deep thanks to Zappos, our generous…
Sneak Peek: Meow Wolf to Take over Art Motel at Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas
Sep 12 by Billiam Rodgers
Meow Wolf artists are working on one more big festival before the summer winds to a close. A team recently left Santa Fe for Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are…
Inside Meow Wolf's "Helter Shelter" at Eclipse Festival
Gallery: Meow Wolf’s Helter Shelter at Eclipse, 2017
Aug 29 by Billiam Rodgers
The Meow Wolf team is back after their installation at Oregon's cosmic Eclipse Festival. The crew was exhibiting Helter Shelter, a forest village that plays off of the surreal community that formed…
Burn Him: Zozobra as an Immersive Art Experience
Aug 25 by Billiam Rodgers
Zozobra was a portal to an alternate reality long before the Meow Wolf's immersive art exhibit, The House of Eternal Return materialized. This flaming puppet is a creative work that…
Sneak Peek: Meow Wolf Prepares Helter Shelter for Eclipse Festival
Aug 4 by Billiam Rodgers
Meow Wolf’s team has been hard at work on a pair of installations that will debut on the summer festival circuit. The first we have to announce is the Eclipse…