Our Year in Listening
At Meow Wolf, we recognize that so many have given their resources to help make us what we are today. As such, we are grateful to be able to give…
Cartooning Politics: An Evening and Workshop with Issa Nyaphaga
Jul 2 by Christopher J
Join the inspiring artist and activist Issa Nyaphaga at Meow Wolf on Friday, July 6, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. for a political cartoon workshop. If you haven’t heard of Nyaphaga, then you’re missing out because his story is an inspiring one. The workshop is appropriate for all ages.
Diego Mireless Duran
Meow Files: Diego Mireles Duran
Jun 14 by Christopher J
When I get hold of him in May, Diego Mireles Duran is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico working on a mural as part of a ongoing project in the town. He's been…
New Mexico Nights
Locals to Benefit from Discounts with Meow Wolf’s New Mexico Nights
Apr 6 by Christopher J
Discounts for Locals @ Meow Wolf on Wednesday Nights! Starting this Wednesday evening we’re honoring our New Mexico neighbors with discounts for locals. You're all familiar with our discounted days…
Record Breaker
Score Wars Record Setters, Galaga Champs and the Years to Come
Apr 6 by Christopher J
Score Wars, presented by Meow Wolf, has crashed its final ship for 2018. The victory was absolute and the earth stands defended from an alien presence once more. And while…
World Records To Be Broken at Score Wars this Weekend
Mar 28 by Christopher J
They’re all lined up and are descending, row by row. The 10 Legacy Champs who’re slated to set world records this weekend are, at this moment, bearing down on Santa…
Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return
Our Musical March Community Day!
Mar 9 by Christopher J
This Sunday, March 11, is our first Community Day since our 2018 renovations. We’ve got new rooms! A new portal! A new cafe! And lots of new mural magic and…
Float's Sci-Fi Drinks
New Cafe + Bar Floats Inside House of Eternal Return
Feb 14 by Christopher J
Float is the 'new' cafe and bar located inside the lobby of Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return. Since we opened, Duel Brewing has graced us with their fine beers…
Wiggy’s Plasma Plex Gets Two New Cabinets: Meow Wolf Arcade Update
Feb 12 by Christopher J
At Meow Wolf we want to give you something fresh not only every year, but every visit. During our annual upgrades we aren’t just doing three new rooms, several new…
Score Wars, Meow Wolf
Gaming at “Score Wars:” Amateur Hour Has Never Paid So Well
Jan 20 by Christopher J
Who'll be the master gamers at Meow Wolf's First Annual Score Wars: Official Galaga World Championship? Who will win airfare to the worldwide live-streaming event, March 29 - April 1, that…