Meow Wolf Supports Denver DIY Spaces
On January 1st, Meow Wolf opened applications for its DIY Fund, a $100,000 annual fund that goes towards supporting DIY arts and music spaces around the country. But since then,…
George RR Martin-Virtual- Reality
Meow Wolf Art Collective Expands Into Virtual Reality
Jan 11 by Vince Kadlubek
(Above) George RR Martin explores virtual reality at Meow Wolf's headquarters in Santa Fe, NM. Meow Wolf, the New Mexico-based...
New Mexico
What to do in New Mexico—Our Top 7 Tourist Attractions
Jan 8 by Vince Kadlubek
Maybe it’s just the scary black snow clouds looming over the mountains near Santa Fe, but we’re already thinking about...
New Elements Coming Soon to House of Eternal Return!
Jan 8 by Vince Kadlubek
Meow Wolf is excited to announce some new additions to the phenomenon art exhibit, House of Eternal Return! From January...
West Coast Road Trip: Our 5 Strange Art and Performance Vacations
Dec 27 by Vince Kadlubek
We’re retreating from the cold this winter with plans for how to spend our summer vacations. We’ll have a separate...
Meow Wolf’s DIY Fund
Dec 11 by Vince Kadlubek
Meow Wolf Creates Supporting Fund for DIY Spaces $100,000 annual fund to support DIY music and art spaces, with additional...
Art for Kids: Inside Meow Wolf’s Chimera Space
Dec 5 by Vince Kadlubek
  If you asked Programming Director Melanie Beck to describe Chimera in an elevator pitch she might say something like...
Meow Wolf wins a THEA Award!
Nov 16 by Vince Kadlubek
Wow!! The dream continues! The Themed Entertainment Association, who are the industry leaders in the world of themed entertainment (think...
Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return
Meow Wolf Featured in Travel & Leisure!
Nov 14 by Vince Kadlubek
For those who do not know Travel and Leisure is a powerhouse travel website, which unleashes to its audience gems...
Saint George: How “Game of Thrones” Author George R.R. Martin Befriended Meow Wolf
Nov 13 by Vince Kadlubek
My first encounter with George R. R. Martin's work is saved on an old VHS tape, buried somewhere in my...