25 Hot Gifts for Creatives and Artists!

At Meow Wolf, we take artist compensation very seriously, so we feel that the best way to find gifts for creatives is by seeking out products that are made by other creatives!

Having trouble thinking of the right gift for the creatives in your life? You still have time to get your online orders in! We know that artists can be difficult to shop for, but don’t worry. We’ve got all of your bases covered, no matter what type of creative brain you’re up against.

At Meow Wolf, we take artist compensation very seriously, so we feel that the best way to find gifts for creatives is by seeking out products that are made by other creatives! For instance, we’re excited to check out the Santa Fe Indian Market (Dec 14-16) and the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market (Every Saturday) this month. These are great ways to support the artists in your community!

However, if you’ve already missed out on the season’s art fairs, or if you prefer to search for gifts online, we totally understand and we’re here to help! Here’s a list of 26 last-minute gift ideas for all of the different artists and creatives in your life...

The Floating Artist - For the artist without an easel, a canvas, or any sort of workspace, really, there’s the Scribbler 3D Pen Nano, which doesn’t need any of those things!

The Creative Engineer - Before you can store your art in a safe, you must build the safe itself. The Moving Mechanical Safe Kit is a 179 pieces of laser-cut Baltic birch that are just begging to be put together.

The Dreamer - Artists don’t always see (or reveal) the big picture right away. With Losing Sleep, a 40-page monograph unveils an ever-growing body of work one page at a time!

The Hands-On Artist - From New Mexican artist, ChrisCaseyArt, these wheel-thrown vases and clay pottery pieces will be appreciated by any creative with tactile talents.

The Musician - Since the massive cultural moment that was Woodstock, music festivals have been the place where true music lovers go to experience togetherness, greatness, and transcendentalism. This book — The World’s Greatest Music Festival Challenge — celebrates the festival phenomenon.

The Intergalactic Jetsetter - Based on Hidden Capsule, the wildly popular mural-room installation at Meow Wolf Santa Fe, Nico Salazar formed his Future Fantasy Delight product line, including these prints.

The Beauty Artist - In a collaboration between L.A. Artist Jen Stark and Smashbox Cosmetics, the Holidaze collection is designed to inspire creativity and mesmerizing new looks for the burgeoning makeup artist in your life.

The Nostalgic Artist - If you love to use our Vista Boss, but you want to Create Your Own Reel Viewer, there’s a grown-up version of this beloved childhood toy that lets you contribute your own images to that magical wheel.

The Surreal Illustrator - South London illustrator Alex Gamsu Jenkins creates absurd, satirical, and critical art with a distinct style. Check out these prints for the illustrators and cartoonists in your life!

The Innovator - For the artist looking for inspiration to break through the barriers of the patriarchy or other powers that be, there’s Broad Band by Claire L. Evans. This book tells the herstory of the female visionaries who brought the internet to life, but were written out of histor

The BFF Artist - You know that creative friend that just gets you? The Experience Tube allows you to create your own little world together! It’s like the softest personal clubhouse.

The Experience Tube

The Creative BFF - If you don’t live close enough to your best friend to enjoy our Experience Tube on the regular, there’s the Long Distance Friendship Lamp. This Wi-Fi-driven wonder allows you to light up your loved one’s lamp whenever you’re thinking of them!

The Unconfident Artist - If anyone ever questions whether or not you’re a true artist, just whip out your official Artistic License. You’ll make them a believer, but more importantly, you’ll believe in yourself!

The Lost Artist - It can be tough for artists to be able to tap into their creative brains at a moment’s notice. For those times, there’s this daily planner of Unsolicited Advice!

The Culinary Artist - Chefs are artists, too! SymmetryBreakfast provides 100 breakfast recipes for that friend who loves to create in the kitchen.

The Busy Culinary Artist - Maybe your friend loves to cook, but they don’t have time to make artistic breakfasts every day. For those folks, the PancakeBot 2.0 provides the satisfaction of culinary creativity without all of the hands-on work.

The Starving Artist - Well, maybe not starving, but for those artists who like to eat what they create, they’re going to need some cans of Shimmering Food Color Spray. (Image #16)

The Aquatic Philosopher - We all know where the best ideas are generated...the shower! With the Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad, though, you don’t have to worry about your genius going down the drain.

The Solar Photographer - The Sun! What can’t it do, am I right? With a Solar Photography Kit, the photographers in your life can use the power of sunlight to create rich, blue prints!

The Modern Da Vinci - For every masterpiece that Da Vinci created, there were blueprints for underwater helicopters. With the gift of a Mini Da Vinci Machines, your forward-thinking friends can let their imagination run wild!

The Escape Artist - If the creative in your life loves the challenge of solving the hands-on mysteries that only escape rooms can provide, but they’re more of a homebody, never fear! The Mysterious Package Company ships enigmatic stories right to your doorstep.

The Architect - Who says buildings and cities have to follow the same set of plans? With Blockitecture from Area Ware, blossoming architects can build the world they want to see!

The Sewist - If your loved one enjoys sewing, but they don’t have the right materials or patterns, this Cacti Embroidery Kit provides everything they’ll need to stitch their way through the desert winter!

The Visionary - For the visionary art fan in your life, the Alex Grey 2019 Wall Calendar is full of psychedelic, metaphysical, and spiritual imagery for them to experience.

The Space-Out Artist - Everybody needs some space sometimes. For those times, the Some Space Ear Plugs encourage their wearer to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ritual of spacing out.