Meow Wolf Santa Fe Brings Back Community Center as 'Rainbow Rainbow'

Starting May 2023, Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s Rainbow Rainbow will feature dozens of weekly community events.

Announcing Rainbow Rainbow: A 1,200 square foot, multipurpose space for community programming and local events. Located within Meow Wolf Santa Fe, Rainbow Rainbow is the reimagining of the previous community space that opened in 2016 but closed in 2020. Many beloved community programs will return with this relaunch, including free choice art making, now called Open Space-Time.

“Our community engagement work here in our home state of New Mexico and at all of our locations is focused on increasing access to art and culture, and exploring how creativity encourages innovative thinking, which is essential for job growth and development – including STEAM jobs,” said Julie Heinrich, Chief of Staff and Executive Director of the Meow Wolf Foundation.

artist Caroline Liu wearing a green hat and painting a face within a large brightly colored mural inside Rainbow Rainbow at Meow Wolf Santa Fe
Caroline Liu working on Rainbow Rainbow. Photo by Kate Russell

Rainbow Rainbow opens to the public on May 1st and visitors do not need to purchase a Meow Wolf admission ticket to attend free programs and events. 

The space will be offered at low- and no-cost to local arts and social impact organizations for meetings, workshops or events. Partnerships with several local non-profits, including the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance, Reunity Resources and the Life Link, among others, are already in place.

The Art and the Artist Behind the Space

artist Caroline Liu surrounded by red cups, paint cans, and paint brushes, with a large brightly colored mural behind her, inside Rainbow Rainbow at Meow Wolf Santa Fe
Caroline Liu working on Rainbow Rainbow. Photo by Kate Russell

Albuquerque artist Caroline Liu created the mural that covers all four walls of Rainbow Rainbow and spills into the hallway. Her concept is further enhanced by 3-D elements including the pièce de résistance, a 200-foot foam tongue that snakes along the ceiling. 

Rainbow Rainbow is dedicated to the late Matt King, Meow Wolf co-founder, artist, and wizard. In life, Matt was a passionate camp counselor and an inspiring mentor to kids who believed in the importance of making space for creative expression. Rainbow Rainbow will honor Matt’s legacy by providing creative space inside the exhibition he co-created.

Matt King, a man with shoulder-length dark hair wearing a black button down shirt and looking directly into the camera.
Co-founder Matt King. Photo by Kate Russell