General Meow Wolf FAQs

General FAQs
What is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment group which began in and is still based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We established in 2008 as an art collective. We create immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. Our work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum and immersive art exhibit. Find out more about Meow Wolf »

Where did the name Meow Wolf come from?

At the very first meeting of the collective in 2008, everyone put two words into a hat. Then they picked two random words out of the hat and got “Meow Wolf.”

How many Meow Wolf’s are there?

Currently we have one physical location open in Santa Fe, NM. It’s our original location. This exhibit is specifically called the House of Eternal Return. In 2019 we opened a dark ride, The Kaleidoscape, in Denver. We have 3 whole new Meow Wolf exhibition spaces opening soon: Las Vegas in 2020, Denver in 2021 and Washington DC to open after.

Is Meow Wolf a nonprofit?

Meow Wolf is not a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Meow Wolf is a Public Benefit Corporation with a dual bottom line for social impact and profit. Chimera, the branch of Meow Wolf that runs the Learning Center, is a non-profit and can receive tax-deductible donations.

How does Meow Wolf get funding?

Meow Wolf has received economic development funds from the City of Santa Fe and the State of New Mexico as well as funding from private investors. Meow Wolf is also funded by its ticket sales, merchandise sales and other revenue streams.

How do I work for Meow Wolf?

We post our current open positions online here.

Community FAQs
How does Meow Wolf support the Community?

Meow Wolf strives to be a visionary public benefit corporation by supporting systemic social change and well-being through the arts. We wouldn’t be here without tremendous support from our community, and value giving back through volunteerism, philanthropy and our annual DIY Fund. We are actively supporting the efforts of many organizations and non-profits primarily in the communities we serve — Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix and Washington DC — that provide creative and inclusive opportunities for all. Read more about our philosophy here.

How does Meow Wolf work with artists?

Historically, Meow Wolf has always been an endeavor of deep radical collaboration. We are proud to emphasize local artist collaboration in all of our new projects, and supporting artists is one of the major reasons our company is expanding. We’re especially interested in prioritizing artists and narratives from underrepresented and underserved communities, this includes emerging artists, DIY makers, women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, seniors, and people with disabilities. It’s this diversity in perspective and craft that make our exhibitions stronger, more intriguing, and timeless. Learn more and submit your portfolio on our Artist Engagement page.

How can I collaborate with Meow Wolf?

Please fill out the form here.

I’m looking for support or donations.

Meow Wolf is not soliciting funding requests at this time, nor are we making any additional monetary sponsorships or donations. We do welcome you to apply for passes and other types of support during this phase. Please keep us on your radar for future projects or events as we are constantly evolving our philanthropy priorities. You can request support here.

What is Meow Wolf’s DIY Fund?

Our DIY Fund is an annual fund created to support the DIY Community and non-confirming art spaces nationwide. It also requires an application, and is open to non-profit organizations, businesses and other entities within the United States who have an established community creating art and music together. Funding can be used for rent, infrastructure, programming and safety improvements. Visit our DIY Fund webpage for more information.

If we apply for funding, how soon will we hear back?

Meow Wolf is not soliciting funding requests at this time, nor are we making any additional monetary sponsorships or donations. We do welcome you to apply for passes and other types of support during this phase. Please keep us on your radar for future projects or events as we are constantly evolving our philanthropy priorities.

Does Meow Wolf accept the help of Volunteers?

As a certified B Corporation we currently do not accept volunteers to work with us on our exhibitions or projects. We pride ourselves in paying artists and all employees a living wage.

What about Internships?

We are currently working on a formal internship process for the entire Meow Wolf company. We will prioritize students who have strong ties to one of our locations – stay tuned for more information.

What DON’T we typically support?
  • One time or private events
    To help us focus on long-term change and impact, we prefer to support established recurring community events that are free for all ages.
  • Individuals
    While supporting artists is core to who we are, for accountability reasons we find it difficult to support individuals directly with donations. However, we are actively seeking out partners and projects that pay artists for public art pieces.
  • Projects
    Due to the nature and timelines of projects, we typically do not fund individual projects or completely new ideas.
  • Businesses
    We do not contribute directly to for profit businesses (our only current exception is our DIY Fund). We do however collaborate with like minded businesses to support work in our priority areas.
  • Emergency Requests
    Our review process takes 6-12 weeks with several rounds of review from staff, this makes it challenging to support quick turn around requests.
  • Religious Events or Activities
    Supporting faith based organizations or events is outside of our current philanthropy strategy.
  • Organizations based outside our Communities
    At this time, we focus our resources on local organizations and programs that are based in the communities we serve – Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, Washington, DC and Phoenix.
Santa Fe Tickets & Check-in FAQs
I want to visit! What do I do?

Pick a day and buy tickets online
Arrive and park
Gather your group and tickets
Join your Check-In line
Have fun*

*Note: “Fun” is relative

What’s the maximum number of tickets per order/customer?

For each order placed, you can purchase up to 8 tickets for Adults, Children and Senior/Military.

Does timed ticketing mean my time in House of Eternal Return is Limited?

There is no time limit. Once visitors are inside the exhibit, they are free to explore House of Eternal Return at their own pace. However, private events or sold-out events may affect hours of operation.

What if I am late for my check-in time slot?

You need to be in line within 15 minutes of your check-in time. If you miss your time slot, you’ll need to join the back of the next check-in line. The Check-In lines operates on a first come first served basis, so for best results we recommend you arrive 10 min before your chosen time slot.

When should I arrive for my check-in time?

We recommend you arrive 10 minutes before your check-in time. Visitors who have purchased tickets for a given time slot will be allowed entry on a first come, first served basis. No skipping!

Can I go to the Float Cafe & Bar, the Learning Center, or the Gift Shop instead of waiting in line?

At this time, the Float Cafe & Bar and Gift Shop are only available once you have been checked-in and granted access to the exhibit. The Learning Center, however, is available if you have signed up for a scheduled program. In this case, please seek out a member of the Door Staff for direction.

What happens if I need to use the restroom while in line?

You may access the restrooms inside of our building, but you will forego your place in line. We recommend using the restroom before getting in line. Of course, you can always call upon the kindness of your line neighbors to hold your place*.

*Note: With timed check-ins, the time spent waiting in line should be greatly reduced.

What if my phone has no signal or dies while in line?

Meow Wolf staff will be able to look up your tickets by your name, order number, email address, or the last 4 digits on your card. However, having access to your QR code via smartphone or paper copy will make for a quicker check-in experience.

Can you look up my reservation for me if I’ve lost my ticket?

Yes! However, checking in will be quicker for everyone if you have your QR code ready to be scanned via smartphone or printed ticket.

If there is an event, will there be a third line?

Typically, the doors for events will open after the final time slot has been processed. However, if you arrive for an event and there is a line, please join the Check-In line.

If there is an event, will there be a third line?

Typically, the doors for events will open after the final time slot has been processed. However, if you arrive for an event and there is a line, please join the Check-In line.

*How does Timed Ticketing Work?

Timed Ticketing allows our guests to purchase tickets online for entry to House of Eternal Return at a specific hour of the day. This greatly reduces your wait time. Time slots are made available every 20 minutes from the time the exhibit opens until 6 PM (After 6 PM, you can still buy tickets at the door). When purchasing your ticket(s) online, you can select from any check-in time that is not sold out*.

*Note: To provide the best experience with minimal wait times, for every guest, we sell a set number of tickets for each time slot.

Can I “check in” online?

No. Although you may purchase your tickets online and select a check-in time, you may only “check in” in person in the Check-In line.

What if I can no longer make my check-in time?

Please email us at [email protected] to exchange your ticket for a different date or time.

What line do I use?

If you have purchased your tickets in advance online, join your check-in line. If you have an Annual, Family, or Lifetime Pass, or if you are on the Guest List, check with the door staff. If you have not already purchased any tickets or passes and there is availability, the door staff will direct you to the line to purchase tickets and check-in.

What if I haven’t purchased a ticket online in advance?

You will be able to purchase a ticket online (on your mobile phone) up to 5 minutes before the current check-in time ends (if tickets are not sold out). Visit our website and look for the next time slot opening, purchase a ticket, and return for your check-in time!

Does my whole party need to be together to check in?

Yes. No exceptions. All wristbands will be applied at the time of check-in, and anyone missing from your party will not be able to pick up their wristband at a later time. If you are planning a visit and think members of your group might be arriving at different times, we suggest ordering your tickets separately.

Is there seating in line?

There is limited seating available for those waiting in line. Please speak to the door staff if you need a chair or other ADA/medical accommodations.

Do I have to wait in line if it’s raining/snowing/etc.?

Our operations remain the same, rain or shine. Please plan accordingly for the possibility of inclement weather.

What if I don’t have a printer?

Your tickets and QR code will be emailed to you and accessible via smartphone.

Can I check-in my whole party together if we have different check-in times?

No. You must check-in at the time slot for which your ticket was purchased.

Do you sell out?

Yes. In order to ensure the best experience for our visitors, there is a maximum capacity inside the exhibit. The best way to guarantee entry is to buy a ticket for an open check-in time online. However, tickets are available for purchase at the door (depending on capacity), but the wait times are typically longer.

“I show up early.  I show up late. I got a ticket from 1998.” — Anonymous Poet

Meow Wolf Santa Fe FAQs
What is House of Eternal Return?

House of Eternal Return is Meow Wolf’s first permanent installation located in Santa Fe, NM. HOER is a 20,000 square foot immersive storytelling experience. You are encouraged to touch the art as well as read and watch pieces within the exhibition to understand the hidden narrative of the space.

How long does it take to experience House of Eternal Return?

Two hours is a good minimum for your first visit. Your admission is good for the entire day of your experience.

When is Meow Wolf Santa Fe open?

You can find our most up-to-date hours here.

Can I vape at ?

No vaping allowed inside the building or exhibit.
Nicotine/non-THC Vaping is allowed on the back patio ONLY during events.
NO THC, illegal drugs, outside alcohol, firearms or other weapons are allowed on Meow Wolf property.
THC vaping is not allowed anywhere on the premises (no medical allowances).
Guests are subject to search upon entry.

What are Chromadepth Glasses?

They pull warm colors forward and push cool colors back giving things a 3-D appearance, especially under blacklight. They will enhance many things in the exhibit but they are not required. They cost $1 and can be purchased on-site upon check-in.

How long will this be here?

This is a permanent exhibition.

How long did it take to build?

Fourteen months.

Is House of Eternal Return scary?

No. There may be parts of the exhibit that kids might not like, but nothing is intended to be scary.

Can I bring my stroller/luggage/backpack into the exhibit?

No. Please leave all strollers, luggage, backpacks, bulky coats (weather permitting) and other large items in your vehicle. If you are unable to leave them in a vehicle we can store them for you in a secure area.
$1 - Backpack, oversized bag/purse
$1 - Coat or multiple coats up to the size of the coat check bag.
$5 per suitcase/luggage or other oversized items Stroller/walker/wheelchair storage is complementary.

Is there anything else I can't bring in?

We don’t allow food, gum, drinks, backpacks or large bags inside the House of Eternal Return. We do have a coat and bag check at the front desk where you can check in coats, diaper bags, and other large bags and backpacks.

Is there a map or a guide for House of Eternal Return?

There is no map or guide. This is intentional. We encourage visitors to explore and discover the exhibit in their own unique ways.

Can I book a field trip to Meow Wolf Santa Fe for my school or organization?

Yes! Apply through this form and we will contact you.

Where is there a good place to eat nearby?

We have food trucks in our parking lot daily. Tortilla Flats, Cafe Castro, Second Street Rufina Taproom, The Plaza Cafe, and Dr Field Goods Kitchen are all a short walk or drive away.

What is Meow Wolf doing for the local Santa Fe community?

Meow Wolf offers Santa Fe an affordable and unique family entertainment experience. Additionally:

  • We provide access to art and art making.
  • We offer a creative space for children and families through the David Loughridge Learning Center.
  • We provide outreach opportunities for our staff to get involved.
  • We strive to be supportive neighbors by collaborating with local groups.

Learn more about our philanthropy priorities and community engagement efforts here.

Can I wear a costume to Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

Yes, however, for safety reasons masks and costumes that obscure your face are not permitted inside the exhibition.

Can me or my band play a show at Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are not accepting unsolicited booking requests.

What is the Learning Center?

The David Loughridge Learning Center is a multi-purpose community center to the right of the lobby as you enter the building. The DLLC offers a variety of workshops, community events and free art making programs that can all be found under the Workshops and Community sections of our Meow Wolf Events page. The Learning Center is also available as a comfortable space to decompress and relax if overstimulated by the exhibit during Open Studio hours, everyday except Tuesday.

What ages is House of Eternal Return appropriate for?

It is appropriate for all ages. Children ages four and under enjoy free admission!

Can kids go alone?

Anyone under 14 needs to be accompanied and supervised by a guardian over 18 years old.

Can we take pictures and video?

Yes, take as many as you like - with or without flash! Photos and media taken inside of Meow Wolf are permitted for personal use only. The display or sale of any such media is strictly prohibited.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Yes we do! Please check in at the front desk before you leave. After your visit, fill out the form on our Contact Page and let us know what you lost.

What are Sensory Bags?

Sensory bags are a tool guests can utilize to aid in their experience inside House of Eternal Return. Each bag can be checked out upon arrival and has items inside to help ground and re-center folks who might feel overstimulated or overwhelmed while inside the exhibit. Ask our front desk staff about our accommodations or click here to see more info about accessibility.

Will it change?

Yes, the exhibit is updated regularly.

Where’s the bowling alley?

The bowling alley closed in 2008, and the building sat vacant until Meow Wolf came along. There is no bowling anymore and all the bowling lanes were stripped out before we took possession of the building.

Is it ADA accessible?

Yes, the first floor of our exhibition is ADA accessible and navigable by crutches, walkers, wheelchairs or scooters, but some areas may require additional navigational guidance from our docent staff (they are here to help!). There is almost always more than one way to access to an area, so do not be deterred if one path is not accessible! We do not have elevators or lifts to get to the second floor, though, and the second floor is much more difficult to navigate as well (more single steps up/down and narrow passageways). Areas with flashing lights are located behind clearly labeled doors. You do not need to coordinate any ADA accommodations with staff prior to your arrival - just know that we are here to help however we can. Please contact [email protected] if you have any other questions or click here to see more info about accessibility.

Where is additional parking for House of Eternal Return?

There is street parking on Rufina Circle. Please do not park in any lots other than the Meow Wolf parking lot -your car may be towed.

Do you host birthday parties or private events at Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

We do not offer birthday party packages other than reduced-price admission for groups of 15 or more. Please see our Bring a Group page for more information. Groups must be booked in advance with a deposit.

Discounts – student, disabilities, are you going to have free days?

Meow Wolf offers discounts for children, seniors, military personnel, students and New Mexico residents. We also offer a disability discount in certain circumstances. Please be prepared to show valid ID for New Mexico Residency and Senior/Military/Student status. We do also offer discounts for groups of 15 or more when booked in advance with a prepaid deposit. We will post about any current promotions through our website and social media. We do not offer or honor discounts from websites like,,, etc.

Can I get to House of Eternal Return on mass transit?

Yes. Take the New Mexico Rail Runner Express to Santa Fe Depot.  Then take the #2 Bus south on Cerrillos to Calle del Cielo.  Walk west on Calle del Cielo and look for the giant red robot in our parking lot!

Where can I learn more about Santa Fe?

Check out our Visitor’s Guide for more information about things to do and places to go.

Can I rent the House? 

If you are interested in a private rental, fill out our form here.

How do I get a Meow Wolf in my city?

Reach out to [email protected], they will contact you if they are interested.

Event FAQs
Are any events cancelled because of the Corona Virus?

As of today, all events scheduled through April 15th are cancelled. For up-to-the-minute information, please check our Information on COVID-19 for Visitors page.

Can I have a refund for my ticket?

No, Meow Wolf has a strict no refund policy for event tickets. The only exception is if the artist cancels or another act of god (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.) that causes the cancellation of the show.

I’m 21+, but have a vertical ID from New Mexico. Can I use that to get into a 21+ show or to drink at your bar?

No, we don’t accept vertical IDs from New Mexico.

The show is 15+ can I bring my <15 child?

Yes, like the exhibition children <15 may be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

The show is 21+ and I’m under age—can I come?

No, Meow Wolf has a strict policy: <21+ individuals cannot attend 21+ shows.

I’m 21+, but have a vertical ID from outside of New Mexico. Can I use that to get into a 21+ show or to drink at your bar?

Yes, we accept vertical IDs from outside of New Mexico

I’m coming to a 21+ show and I’m >21, but I don’t have my ID. Can I come?

If you appear to be from the age 21 to 49, you must have your ID. If you’re in your 50s or older, you don’t need to have an ID.

Do children attend shows for free?

Children under the age of 4 may attend shows for free.

Event Ticketing Issues?

Are you having issues with purchasing tickets or an event, please click here to get in touch…
Contact Events

The show has sold out—will you release more tickets?

No, once the advance tickets have sold out, there will be no more tickets for purchase. More advance tickets won’t be released nor will tickets be held to sell at the door.

My ticket didn’t arrive. Where is it?

All tickets for Meow Wolf are done via will call. Ticket confirmation will be emailed to you. If the ticket hasn’t appeared in your email’s inbox, please check your spam folder.

Otherwise, don’t sweat. If the transaction has appeared on your credit/debit card, you’ve successfully purchased a ticket and you’re in the ticketing system. We’ll use your name and your ID to look your ticket up.

May I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, simply transfer your ticket to another person by printing the ticket and giving the physical print out to them or emailing it to them.

I bought my tickets from another site besides the official ticket link through Meow Wolf. Is that legit?

Unlikely. If Meow Wolf’s ticketing site links to another site, that site is legitimate. Otherwise, the ticket is illegitimate. Illegitimate tickets will not be accepted at the door.

Do I need to bring my ticket to attend the event?

Yes, we ask you to either print your ticket or bring in your ticket via a mobile device.

If your ticket has been misplaced or lost, bring your ID so that we can look it up.

May I purchase an advance ticket at Meow Wolf?

No, all advance ticket purchase must be done online. Pardon the inconvenience.

I’ve purchased multiple tickets—does my whole group need to pick up their tickets at the same time?

No, give each person who is going to the show their own printed ticket allowing them to check in individually.