Meow Wolf Creates $100,000 Annual Fund To Support DIY Spaces

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Meow Wolf DIY Fund

Meow Wolf

$100,000 Annual Fund to Support Art & Music Spaces

Meow Wolf DIY Fund: Applications Due March 31st

As curators of collaborative creative spaces since 2008, Meow Wolf was shaken by the recent tragedy at Ghost Ship in Oakland. Collaborative music and art spaces such as Ghost Ship are vital to the cultural health of our communities and, as we at Meow Wolf know all too well, there are significant challenges facing people who wish to build such spaces. These pressures can take many forms, but they all have similar demands: homogenize, give up in the face of bland mono-culture and economic pressure.

Our community of artists in Santa Fe was deeply saddened by what happened in Oakland. We have collaborated with some of the individuals who were lost in the fire, and our hearts go out to our friends and fellow artists who have been affected by this tragedy.

But, fortunately, Meow Wolf is in a place where we can help. Thanks to the assistance of our investors and mentors, we now have a profitable art space in Santa Fe. This gives us both access to funds we can use to help our artistic community as well as working knowledge of infrastructure, organizing and the red tape that bureaucrats constantly wind around people like ourselves.

Therefore, in memory of Ghost Ship and in loving solidarity with creative communities across the country, Meow Wolf is proud to announce our $100,000 annual fund to support DIY music and arts venues.

This money will go to support infrastructural improvements, rent assistance, materials, equipment and other needs as identified by the applicants.

The DIY fund also includes additional consulting resources for legal, building code and organizational structural improvements.

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