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Oracle Cards



This deck of cards is part of a system known as The Playing Card Oracles. They were created by C.J. Freeman and are today, the spiritual inheritance of Ana Cortez who uses the cards in divination and provides a daily podcast utilizing the deck. Ana Cortez is also the author of The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination which details the use of the cards.

The cards will feature within the storyline of House of Eternal Return, as a card deck created by a 19th century member of the Bloodline named Charles Winship. The Winship deck is a divination process based on a calendar system (days, months and year). The cards figure prominently in the lives of the family members who dwell in the House of Eternal Return. Jean Selig is famous for using these cards to predict her family’s future and for elucidating their past.
These card decks are available in two sizes, Large and Pocket Size (2.5″x3.5″). Each deck comes shrink wrapped and tucked inside a hand stamped canvas bag. Includes one cool sticker and a card with a PDF download link for making the most of your new cards.