2018, We Loved You
This year at Meow Wolf was jam-packed, and we're overflowing with love and appreciation for everyone who shared these experiences. We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store! ?
Keep Contemporary brings light on the darkest night
Dec 21 by Alison Gamache
It’s fitting that local gallery Keep Contemporary would open its group show “Everything is Illuminated” on the darkest night of the year. Theirs is a lesson in relevancy. Founder and…
Meow Files: Bill Dambrova
Jun 26 by Julia Goldberg
Phoenix artist Bill Dambrova is a visiting creator who contributed a mural in the House of Eternal Return. During his few short weeks of intensive painting last spring, he found some time to chat about his artistic practice and the process of creating large-scale work with Meow Wolf.
Ready for The King’s Mouth?
Apr 30 by Alison Gamache
This month a new immersive installation will be taking over part of our FLOAT bar + café area as the airplane departs for its next destination. Wayne Coyne’s acclaimed installation King's…
Meow Files: Cathy Laughlin, Lead Automation and Interactive Lighting Designer
Apr 13 by Alison Gamache
Cathy Laughlin is Meow Wolf’s lead Automation & Interactive Lighting Developer. Her main work for HoER was designing and programming the Show Controller which is the control system that allows…
Meow Files: Quinn Tincher, Art Team Fabricator
Jan 23 by Alison Gamache
We sit on the open tailgate of Quinn Tincher’s Ford pick-up truck, Rangoon Red, as we talk. He is a Santa Fe native, born and raised, “just over there”, he…
News from the Flight Deck: A Decompression Installation
Dec 20 by Alison Gamache
Charter Flight: Courtesy of Michael Stearns Update from Alva: Meow Wolf Takes to the Skies There’s nothing unusual about finding strange oddities within the installations at Meow Wolf, but to…
Our Winter Worlds of Wonder: Part Two
Dec 10 by Billiam Rodgers
Winter worlds are great environments for storytelling because they're so adaptable. They're able to inspire (the quiet grandeur of the mountains after a snowfall) or terrify (Jack Torrance slowly going…
House of Eternal Return. Photo Lindsey Kennedy.
Our Winter Worlds Of Wonder
Dec 8 by Christopher J
Snowy realms are inspiring to us. They present two things we really love: environment and possibility. In the movie Elf  Buddy says, "I passed through the seven levels of the…
The Parklett Project by Meow Wolf
DIY Fund Brings $215k to more than 100 Community Art Spaces
Jul 20 by Billiam Rodgers
Meow Wolf’s annual DIY Fund is ready to make its first annual payout to community art and music spaces across the country. The size of this fund, $215,000, is more…