The Atrium

Journey Through the Multiverse

THE ATRIUM, Meow Wolf’s first virtual interactive installation, builds on the story of the acclaimed immersive exhibition, The House of Eternal Return. Voyage through the surreal lullaby of the multiverse — and unravel a mystery spanning multiple dimensions.



Brian Solomon


Brian Solomon leads interactive digital storytelling for Meow Wolf. He focuses on building what he refers to as the hyper-medium: a combination of narrative techniques developed around real-time engines, mixed reality, interactive scenography, installation art, music, and performance.


Hogarth De La Plante

Art Director

J.R. Hogarth de la Plante has been a professional 3D artist for over 20 years. He has been creating real-time worlds since BioShock in 2005. Hogarth is an oil painter, photographer, skydiver and aerobatic pilot and he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he works full time as a Senior Art Director for Autodesk, Inc.


Erik Anderson

Engine Architect

Erik Anderson is a Santa Cruz–based freelance video game programmer and designer specializing in Unreal Engine 4. He has 8 years of programming experience in VR, video games, and music videos.

Kevin Von Flotow

Kevin von Flotow

Engine Architect

Kevin von Flotow is a Santa Fe engine architect with 10 years of experience in server, web, and game development.

Team Rolfes

Team Rolfes

Character Modeling

Team Rolfes is the experimental studio practice of NYC directors Sam and Andy Rolfes. They lead a small team that specializes in live performance, realtime animation and painterly figurative expression; producing work in collaboration with music and fashion partners.


Kara Kittel


Kara Kittel is a writer and producer for short-form experimental film, animation, and VR. She works with Meow Wolf as an immersive digital project manager, and produces content with Team Rolfes, a New York based animation/performance studio.

Michael McCormick

Michael McCormick

Character Designer

Mike McCormick is a puppeteer and sculptor who worked on the Creature Shop productions The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. He taught puppetry for film and TV at the Creative Media Institute of New Mexico State University.


Leo Brown

Lead Installation Designer

Leo directed the design and fabrication of the haptic installation. He has worked with Meow Wolf for the past 4 years as an immersive installation artist.

nicolas-gonda copy

Nicolas Gonda

Executive Producer

Nicolas Gonda is a film producer, media entrepreneur and strategist currently working with Meow Wolf to build a content studio for its rapidly growing community of artists and audiences.

TML Temp Headshot

Tristan Love

Executive Producer

A passionate and driven filmmaker and producer, Tristan Love currently serves as Executive Creative Director of Meow Wolf’s Film and Media Division, Meow Wolf Entertainment.

The Platform

Designed simultaneously with our debut VR story – launching at SXSW in 2018 – we created the ultimate haptic interactive story experience that leverages years of interactive design knowledge found within Meow Wolf’s Creative Studios.

A versatile haptic sensory platform, created using a modular subframe. The system allows for creators and storytellers to access high level haptic tools in a multi-purpose way. An amazing platform for music, game, and story-driven VR or CAVE content.

Multi-user interaction or media selection via a second control surface. Letting viewers choose their own story or interact with the virtual player.

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