Meow Wolf’s third permanent exhibition is now open in Denver, CO. Convergence Station is unforgettable, transformational, and not to be missed. Discover immersive psychedelic, mind-bending art and an underlying rich narrative as you take a journey of discovery into a surreal, science-fictional epic.

Pink blob shapes and a yellow sun shape
About Convergence Station

Three years in the making with art from 300 creatives (110+ from Colorado), explore your own imagination and reconsider what’s possible.

This 4-story exhibition is home to 70+ unique installations, rooms, and portals. Together, they tell an unforgettable, cathartic tale of converged worlds. Arrive as you. Leave transformed.

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“If you’ve ever walked through the washing machine into another dimension at Meow Wolf’s OG Santa Fe location, you know you should expect the unexpected when the Denver outpost opens in late 2021."


"Meow Wolf's future is looking brighter than, oh, let's say a giant harp of lasers."

-Fast Company

“Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe-based entertainment company, hires lots of progressive, honest-to-God artists and craftspeople to create their surreal environments. The quality is immediately apparent."

-The Denver Post

“Escape to a fully immersive psychedelic dreamscape at the latest installation of Meow Wolf — an interactive experience combining architecture, sculpture, storytelling, music, video and virtual reality.”

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Meow Wolf Santa Fe is temporarily closed. Read about it.

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Sun - Thurs: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
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10:00AM – 12:00AM

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Convergence Station

1338 1st Street
Denver, CO 80204


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Floating orange older model car with green lights underneath and shops surrounding the carLooking down on an ice castle with pink lighting inside Meow Wolf DenverNeon mushrooms, flowers, and fungi inside a swamp inside Meow Wolf Denver's Convergence StationInner Decor of a Building, it's very colourfulSeemingly endless blue columns with overhead lighting inside Meow Wolf DenverInside Ice Castle at Meow Wolf Denver with a purple glow and icicles hanging all aroundPerson with head covering that looks like a creature from the multiverse leaning over a computer monitor inside Meow Wolf Denver's Convergence Station.Clay faces on a wall with an opening to another room inside Meow Wolf DenverExhibition of abstract art hanging from ceiling including a misshaped disco ball and a purple wheelchairAlien looking interior. Purple cave with glowing elements imbedded in the walls and ceilingFloating orange older model sedan car with green light underneath and person in the driver's seat. A woman is standing with her back to the camera and facing the car