Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station is unforgettable, transformational, and not to be missed. Discover immersive psychedelic, mind-bending art and an underlying rich narrative as you take a journey of discovery into a surreal, science-fictional epic.

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About Convergence Station

Three years in the making with art from 300 creatives (110+ from Colorado), explore your own imagination and reconsider what’s possible.

This 4-story immersive art exhibition is home to 70+ unique installations, rooms, and portals. Together, they tell an unforgettable, cathartic tale of converged worlds. Arrive as you. Leave transformed.

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“What makes Meow Wolf so different than a typical art installation is that it’s not something you look at; it’s something you immerse yourself in."


"Meow Wolf's future is looking brighter than, oh, let's say a giant harp of lasers."

-Fast Company

“Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe-based entertainment company, hires lots of progressive, honest-to-God artists and craftspeople to create their surreal environments. The quality is immediately apparent."

-The Denver Post

“Escape to a fully immersive psychedelic dreamscape at the latest installation of Meow Wolf — an interactive experience combining architecture, sculpture, storytelling, music, video and virtual reality.”

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Hours of Operation


Sun, Mon, Thurs: 10AM - 8PM

Fri & Sat: 10AM - 10PM

Sun - Thurs: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Fri & Sat:
10:00AM – 12:00AM

Thursday - Monday:

10am - 12am

Tuesdays & Wednesdays:

12pm - 12am

*Holiday and peak day hours may vary; please check our ticketing site for the most up to date information

Convergence Station

1338 1st Street
Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 1-866-MEOW-WOW

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Monster with white eyes and long teeth popping up in front of a chain link fenceFloating orange older model car with green lights underneath and shops surrounding the carAn underground cave in bright white with columnsLooking up at lots of signs and a large circle in the centerON the left, a cutout of a woman wearing a cherry suit with other women cutouts in different positions in a roomlots of colorful beams in seemingly endless rowsNavigator inside Convergence Station with the Cathedral in the backgroundlooking up at a large camel looking creature and lots of bright blue, pinks, and purples inside Convergence StationExhibition of abstract art hanging from ceiling including a misshaped disco ball and a purple wheelchairInside view of the Cathedral with bright neon pink and yellow colors and a table shape in the centerTwo beings with circle headpieces sitting on a floating car on C Street


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