Planning your visit to Omega Mart

Arrival Information

So, you’ve finally decided to go to Omega Mart. Great choice! That’s one of our Top 3 recommendations for Meow Wolf exhibitions! Of course, we love all of our babies equally, but they all have quirks that make each of them special.

The following is what you absolutely NEED to know before you go to Meow Wolf Las Vegas’ permanent exhibition. The good news is that this is about all you need to know because once you’re inside…your experience is whatever you want it to be.

We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for all staff and guests at Omega Mart. Please review our Code of Conduct before your visit. Seriously. Jerks will not be tolerated.

Late arrivals may not be permitted to enter Omega Mart unless capacity allows.

  • Meow Wolf's exhibit, Omega Mart, is located inside of AREA15 at 3215 S. Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your ticketed time slot.
  • Gather your group and make sure you have your tickets ready. For convenience, we recommend taking a screenshot of your tickets for quick access once inside.
  • Follow posted signs to join the Omega Mart check-in line located in Art Island (the outdoor art display in front of the South entrance to AREA15). AREA15 security will do a bag check and confirm you have tickets before you’re allowed into the building.
  • Once inside, stay to the left and proceed to the Omega Mart entrance and join the line for entry into the exhibit.
Health & Safety

Guests are encouraged but NOT required to wear masks during their visit.

  • Meow Wolf undergoes rigorous sanitization every day, in preparation for our guests. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the exhibit.
  • Our HVAC systems have been upgraded with MERV13 filters, and we have increased the fresh air exchange.
  • We closely monitor government policy changes and mandates and will make changes to our health and safety protocol and procedures as necessary.
  • For more information about health & safety at Omega Mart, click here.

Limited free parking is offered on-site at AREA15 for regular vehicles like cars, trucks, and vans. Please follow posted signage for available guest parking.

RECOMMENDED 👋 : Due to high demand and limited parking space, we recommend you use ride share service or taxi when visiting AREA15. If you plan to drive to AREA15, give yourself 20-30 minutes before your ticket time to find a parking spot and enter AREA15.

DO NOT leave animals 🐕 unattended in your vehicle or Animal Control will be contacted.

  • Thirty designated accessible parking spots are available in AREA15's parking lot for participants with a valid parking permit.
  • If you require seating or other assistance while waiting in the check-in line, please ask anyone wearing a staff badge to speak to a Manager on Duty when you arrive.
  • Please note that while there is plenty of seating located throughout the space, Meow Wolf does not have wheelchairs available to rent or loan.

For more information about accessibility at Omega Mart, click here.

If you have additional questions about accessibility, medication, sensory inquiries or other health concerns, please reach out to
[email protected] ahead of your visit so that we can accommodate you as best as possible!

Prohibited Items

For the safety of our staff, guests and to keep the exhibit clean, the following items are not allowed inside Omega Mart:

  • Weapons of any kind including firearms, pocket knives, pepper spray, large chains, spiked jewelry, etc.
  • Outside food, beverages or alcohol
  • Gum
  • Flasks and containers
  • Vape pens or electric cigarettes
  • Cigarettes, cigars, or pipes
  • Markers, stickers or spray paint
  • Illegal drugs
  • Strollers and car seats - we encourage child-wearing!
  • Backpacks (may be left at bag check for a fee)
  • Large bags/packages (may be left at bag check for a fee)
  • Skateboards
  • Heelys shoes
  • Camera accessories such as lights, large camera flashes, tripods or other professional camera equipment
  • Extendable Phone Stabilizers (i.e. "Selfie Sticks")
  • Drones
  • Laptop computers or tablets
  • Umbrellas
  • Flow toys
  • Any live animal that is not a service animal*
  • Costumes with masks that obscure your entire face
  • Any item that challenges public safety per our Security Manager.

Guests are subject to search upon entry.

No vaping or smoking allowed inside the building or exhibit. 🚭

*Service animals that are trained to assist an individual, in accordance with the ADA guidelines, are permitted inside Omega Mart.

If you arrive with prohibited items, you may be required to check your items for $5. Due to limited space and safety concerns, some items cannot be bag checked and you will not be allowed to enter until you have removed prohibited items from your person. If you have a vehicle, we highly recommend you leave your personal items safely there. Meow Wolf is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Other Important Info

AREA15 and its other tenants are separately owned, so while your Omega Mart ticket gives entry to AREA15 it does not include other experiences. Those experiences each have their own admission costs. To browse and book additional experiences, please visit AREA15's website.

If you have questions about Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, we recommend coming inside and asking directly at the Omega Mart box office. Staff and security outside of the building are part of the AREA15 team and may not have the most up-to-date information about the Omega Mart experience.

  • Changing tables are available in the all-gender family restrooms located on both the first and second floors inside of Omega Mart.
  • We have a strict no re-entry policy. Once you leave, you will not be allowed back in.

Need help? For the fastest response, please email [email protected] ahead of your visit. Enjoy, and don’t forget to pick up some Millk!


The OMEGA ACCESS EXPERIENCE is an optional interactive add-on. Get your card at a kiosk, find clues, delve into the story, and explore the mystery behind Omega Mart. Find out more here.