Mini Docs
Meet Carey Thompson

Carey's art, “Galactivation,” spans mediums from intricate drawings to large scale sculptural immersive works inspired by nature, ancient temples, and sacred geometry. He’s creating a permanent, 360° artwork called “Juke Temple” inspired by Wurlitzer jukeboxes inside Meow Wolf’s Las Vegas exhibition.


Dominique Pétrin
Alec Brown
Meet Heather Hermann
Meet Han Santana-Sayles
Janell Langford
Diego Mireles Duran
Frank Buffalo Hyde
Cathy Laughlin
3 min 7 sec
MONGOVOO Temple I Meow Wolf - Convergence Station
Tyler & Hakeem
7 min 30 sec
Art Behind the Mart
Christopher Owen Nelson: Crystal Future | Meow Wolf Denver
Indigenous Futurist Dreamscapes Lounge - Molina Speaks & Stevon Lucero
Madeleine Tonzi
House of Eternal Cake
Marina Fini - Multimedia Mystic
Katie Green
Shrine: Healing, Magic & Art
Pip & Pop
Bill Dambrova
4 min 37 sec
Wheelchair Space Kitchen | Meow Wolf Denver