Mini Docs
Art Behind the Mart

Meow Wolf’s unsanctioned Omega Mart mini documentary promises to acknowledge these questions and much, much more! Discover how America’s most exceptional grocery store developed from its original “glorified yardsale” form into Las Vegas’ number one supplier of contemporary artisanal meats and glitched 404 chocolate.


Frank Buffalo Hyde
Cathy Laughlin
Janell Langford
Dominique Pétrin
Tyler & Hakeem
House of Eternal Cake
Alec Brown
Katie Green
Madeleine Tonzi
Diego Mireles Duran
Bill Dambrova
Pip & Pop
Marina Fini - Multimedia Mystic
Meet Heather Hermann
Meet Han Santana-Sayles
Meet Carey Thompson
Shrine: Healing, Magic & Art
Christopher Owen Nelson: Crystal Future | Meow Wolf Denver
Indigenous Futurist Dreamscapes Lounge - Molina Speaks & Stevon Lucero
4 min 37 sec
Wheelchair Space Kitchen | Meow Wolf Denver
3 min 7 sec
MONGOVOO Temple I Meow Wolf - Convergence Station