Meow Wolf’s Food Truck, “Trinity Kitchen,” Rides this Summer

Authentic Cajun cuisine will spice up this summer as Meow Wolf's first food truck hits the road for its debut this summer.

The Meow Wolf exhibit in Santa Fe came together from many different creative disciplines and the collective is always looking for ways to include new ones. Cooking was one we hadn’t considered yet, but member Eliot Chavanne should be the one to take us there. Eliot has been practicing his culinary skills since he was a kid and his idea for Trinity KitchenMeow Wolf’s very first food truck, will be something that complements and enhances the rest of our art space. A truck that serves Cajun meals helmed by a guy who grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana? It’s just crazy enough to work.

Ribs by Trinity Kitchen.

Trinity Kitchen’s grand debut and maiden voyage of Santa Fe will begin this summer. Look for it either at Meow Wolf’s exhibition on Rufina Street or abroad. Trinity will be appearing at local events such as Bike & Brew, Spanish Market, the International Folk Art Market and other festivals throughout the summer.

Chavanne grew up learning a blend of both Cajun and southern cooking styles. His dishes at Trinity Kitchen reflect that, with favorites such as po’ boys, gumbo, étouffée, fried chicken and waffles, boudin, beignets and pecan-smoked baby back ribs. Cajun cooking can be scarce in the Southwest and we hope Trinity enhances the palate of options in a region already known for it’s world-class dining. Trinity Kitchen will purchase local, responsibly-sourced ingredients from suppliers whenever possible and all of the selections will be made in-house from scratch.

Eliot Chavanne (left) and Connor Black of Trinity Kitchen, Meow Wolf’s new food truck.

Before spearheading Trinity Kitchen, Eliot Chavanne started his culinary career in high school in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. He worked at his cousin’s southern restaurant, learning knife skills, cooking techniques and a passion for regional cuisine. He then moved on to an upscale French restaurant, where he worked as an apprentice under a classically trained chef. Eliot first came to Santa Fe as a butcher and seafood monger for Whole Foods. He transferred to a new store in New Orleans as a meat and seafood buyer, where he learned about sourcing responsibly-raised meats and properly-fished seafood.

Eliot came back to Santa Fe, where he teamed up with Meow Wolf. Joining him at Trinity Kitchen is his childhood friend Connor Black. Connor has a lot of experience in the hotel and hospitality industries. He’s worked at restaurants and at catering services, where he fed large crowds and perfected his customer service. He left a restaurant group in Shreveport to be a part of Meow Wolf’s first food venture.

Fried Chicken and Waffles by Trinity Kitchen

It’s Eliot and Connor’s hope to make their mark on Meow Wolf’s space in Santa Fe.

“Meow Wolf is an art experience like no other,” Eliot said. “People like to hang out there with friends and family for a while and they should have easy access to quality food so they have the best of times. Trinity Kitchen is thrilled to be a part of Meow Wolf and I’m honored that my old friend Connor is with us to offer the best, most authentic Cajun cuisine right here in Santa Fe.”

Trinity Kitchen is just one of the surprises we have in store for Santa Fe this summer. Keep your eye here or on our Facebook page for more announcements about our summer plans. If you know someone who may be interested in Trinity Kitchen’s Cajun dining, please share this post using the social media buttons bellow.


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