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Your Multiversal Multitool

Hello, travelers. This is your totally indispensable tool for traversing the Meow Wolf multiverse from the palm of your hand. The Meow Wolf app will be your illuminating companion for your interdimensional journeys as you explore the nature of reality.
Explore, play and discover new realms.
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Buy and scan tickets for quickest access to Meow Wolf.
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Unveil mysteries during your visit with the Psychic Sensor (Santa Fe & Grapevine only).
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OUR Art + Artists
Discover the multiple worlds of Meow Wolf.
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Your Perception
Engage with mind-bending games and videos from artists.
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Let Alva
Be Your Guide
Your journey will evolve as we do.
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Key Features:

Expand your Meow Wolf exhibition experience with the Psychic Sensor which unveils hidden elements of story, characters, and artistry. (Currently available at Meow Wolf Santa Fe and Grapevine.)
Easily purchase, access and manage tickets for any Meow Wolf exhibition or events.
Enjoy games from Meow Wolf artists and collaborators.
Delve into the stories behind the making of our unique exhibitions.
View exclusive, short-form videos and lore.
Browse and buy some magnificently maximal Meow Wolf merch.

Got Questions?

Visit our FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions, setup tips or to satisfy your general curiosity.
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