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We’re proud to be part of a growing community of corporations dedicated to doing business as a force for good. Meow Wolf believes that our success should not only benefit our investors and shareholders, but should also benefit our workers, our planet, and our community at large.
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B Corps meet the highest standards of verifiable impact, and focus on five key areas of responsibility - Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

Meow Wolf first certified as a B Corporation in 2017 and re-certified in April 2022. Since then we have grown our impact and initiatives in a targeted effort to continuously improve our business practices. Below is a list of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to all areas of this important work. We are dedicated to continually improving, and we look forward to growing our initiatives.

Like many organizations, our company is constantly updating our practices and policies. The information provided below is as of our 2022 B Corp Certification. We will update this page as we complete our 2025 B Corp Certification.


Meow Wolf established a code of ethics to abide by. Governance is about enhancing policies and practices pertaining to its mission, ethics, accountability and transparency.

  • 1. Meow Wolf’s mission statement includes social good for our participants and communities as a core value.
  • 2. We have developed a formal stakeholder strategy that incorporates feedback and listening, including forming advisory committees and prioritizing engagements with underrepresented communities.
  • 3. We publish an annual Impact Report on our website and share it publicly.
  • 4. We consistently incorporate social and environmental benefits into our decision making.
  • 5. Meow Wolf has amended our legal designation to be a Public Benefit Corporation.
  • 6. We have amended our corporate by-laws so that the Board of Directors must consider all stakeholders and not just shareholders in decision making.
  • 7. We have signed the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence.
  • 8. We advocated for the New Mexico legislature to pass HB 118, B Corp designation for New Mexico to grow and strengthen our local B Corp community, which was signed into law during the 2019 legislative session.
  • 9. Our Board of Directors meets bi-monthly with regular check-ins with senior management for regular company updates, direction and feedback.
  • 10. We set goals using the B Corp Assessment and track our progress towards becoming a more responsible company.
  • 11. Company finances are audited annually through a third-party to ensure accountability.
  • 12. Financial controls have been put in place for cash disbursements, inventory, and accounts payable.
  • 13. Our company is led by a person from a historically marginalized community.
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The Workers impact area is about what Meow Wolf does to contribute to our employees’ financial, physical, professional and social well-being.

  • 14. We have set a company-wide minimum wage for hourly workers to an individual living wage of  $17/hour.
  • 15. 100% of our employees are earning an individual living wage.
  • 16. Our generous paid time off policy increases PTO time as an employees tenure with our company grows.
  • 17. Updated our parental leave policy to be gender neutral and includes 6 weeks of paid time off for birth, adoption or foster.
  • 18. We offer full-time employees cost of living adjustments, bonuses, and employee ownership opportunities.
  • 19. We provide a 401k plan for all employees to contribute towards retirement.
  • 20. We consider 30 hours per week to be full time, and employees who work 30 hours or more are eligible for our full benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, FSA, HRA, long-term disability, life and supplemental insurance programs.
  • 21. 50% of our total employees are salaried.
  • 22. 50% of our workforce are considered part-time employees.
  • 23. The company has a policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants. This policy also prohibits discrimination in all aspects of employment.
  • 24. All managers and employees sign a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • 25. We provide financial support to our employees including: financial management training, direct deposit, and interest-free loans up to $1,000.
  • 26. Healthcare benefits are offered to all full-time employees that include >80% employer paid premium, dental, vision, short & long term disability, and life insurance.
  • 27. We improved our onboarding paperwork to be inclusive of non-binary gender identification.
  • 28. We provide free sanitary products, tampons and maxi pads to employees.
  • 29. We encourage civic participation, and provide paid time off on election day for all employees to vote.
  • 30. In partnership with Santa Fe Community College, Meow Wolf reimburses the cost of two courses per semester for each interested full-time employee.
  • 31. We have an internal hiring policy and prioritize internal promotions.
  • 32. Our annual budget includes allocations for workers to attend professional development conferences or trainings.
  • 33. All employees and managers go through an annual review.
  • 34. We have a strong commitment to worker health and safety, with written policies and procedures that include the following measures:
  • 35. Written safety and health policy to minimize on the job accidents and injuries.
  • 36. Safety is prioritized in management planning and resource allocation.
  • 37. Regular health and safety training includes CPR/First Aid and OSHA 10 & 30.
  • 38. Written indicators and measurements of our progress toward greater workplace safety.
  • 39. A formal reporting system for workers to submit safety concerns.
  • 40. Routine third party inspections and screenings.
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  • 41. Since opening Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in 2016, Meow Wolf has invested more than $1.7 million in local non-profit organizations.
  • 42. Since 2016, we have given away more than 10,000 free passes, field trips and free visits to Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return prioritizing historically marginalized groups.
  • 43. Our community engagement strategy prioritizes listening first and supporting historically marginalized groups in the arts, including organizations led by Black, Indigenous, Brown and people of color.
  • 44. We have held over 24 listening sessions to receive community feedback in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver and Washington, D.C.
  • 45. In 2020, we formed an Education Advisory Committee in Santa Fe made of local educational leaders that advised on our experiential education strategy.
  • 46. Formed in 2018, our Denver Community Advisory Committee was composed of 12 Denver residents who had 16 meetings to give feedback to Meow Wolf and shape our Denver exhibition, Convergence Station.
  • 47. A partnership has been established with the Institute for American Indian Arts, the University of New Mexico and Santa Fe Community College and our company to build career pathways and internships for local students from marginalized backgrounds.
  • 48. Meow Wolf hosted our first formal Santa Fe internship co-hort in summer 2021 with 9 students from New Mexico colleges and universities.
  • 49. We hosted 15 interns from the University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University in 2020 to help build our Denver exhibition.
  • 50. We have partnered with the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Business to be part of the New Mexico Business for Good advisory committee to support creating more responsible businesses in our community.
  • 51. We sponsored the “Believe in New Mexico Day” in conjunction with the local New Mexico B Corp community, the New Mexico Economic Development Department, and University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management to showcase responsible businesses in New Mexico.
  • 52. We prioritize working with local artists to work with us on special projects, such as Meow Wolf’s annual upgrades at House of Eternal Return and our festival Taos Vortex.
  • 53. Meow Wolf’s Community Voices video series highlights the work of 8 non-profit groups located in Northern New Mexico, including Moving Arts Espanola, Girls Inc of Santa Fe, Reading Quest, The Mountain Center, Dollars 4 Schools, Cooking with Kids, and Santa Fe Community College.
  • 54. We partnered with the Santa Fe Food Depot on a staff food drive - collecting 297 pounds of food for The Food Depot, providing 247 meals for New Mexicans.
  • 55. As COVID-19 impacted Santa Fe, Meow Wolf stepped up to produce 12 medical-grade desk shields for Christus St. Vincent Hospital.
  • 56. Meow Wolf values community service and has increased participation in our employee volunteer program year after year.
  • 2019: 329 hours of volunteer service
    2020: 1,932 hours of volunteer service
    2021: 2,804 hours of volunteer service
  • 57. We have invested in the David Loughridge Learning Center inside the House of Eternal Return to provide free art-making and programming for our community. This includes over 174 programs & workshops serving over 55,000 visitors in 2019. Though the Learning Center has been paused due to Covid-19, we anticipate further investments into our public programming.
  • 58. Our DIY Fund has supported non-conforming art spaces nationwide since 2016. In total, this fund has supported more than $400,000 to 350+ art spaces across the country.
  • 59. In 2019, we collaborated with more than 253 artists and performers across all of our markets, including 5 Santa Fe artists for upgrades, 21 for our Taos Vortex Festival, 10 Denver artists for Dark Palace and many many more.
  • 60. In 2020, Meow Wolf engaged more than 110 artists in the Denver area.
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The Environment impact area is about improving our overall environmental stewardship.

  • 61. We are members of the B Corp Climate Collective, where we work with other B Corp businesses to create a more sustainable future through climate justice.
  • 62. We installed solar panels at the House of Eternal Return in 2017, and produce 100% of energy when we are closed through on-site clean energy generation.
  • 63. The House of Eternal Return, Omega Mart and Convergence Station recycle 100% of plastics, aluminum and paper from our visitors, along with using 100% biodegradable or reusable serving materials.
  • 64. We are converting our lighting to energy-saving LEDs wherever possible.
  • 65. We purchase only energy-efficient appliances that are Energy Star rated.
  • 66. We have reduced our water usage by 20% through water conservation efforts that include, low-flow toilets and faucets, waterless urinals, and water-conscious landscaping.
  • 67. 50% of the merchandise we sell in our Gift Shop is purchased from local suppliers and artists to decrease the energy used for transportation.
  • 68. We eliminated the use of single polybags for 90%+ of product shipments.
  • 69. We switched our e-com mailers to 100% post-consumer recycled material envelopes.
  • 70. We replaced all our bubble wrap and foam peanuts packing materials with newspaper grade packing paper supplied by the Santa Fe New Mexican.
  • 71. We replaced vinyl sticker hangtags with FSC certified recycled paper with soy inks.
  • 73. Our art team doesn't rinse paint brushes in the sink. Instead, they collect the rinse water, then add a flocculant to settle out the solids. The remaining liquid is evaporated, so no paint goes down the drain, reducing our paint waste volume by 90%.
  • 74. We recycle our steel scraps and acrylic plastic scraps. Other material offcuts are made available for reuse by staff, or recycled through art-making in the Learning Center.
  • 75. In 2019, we partnered with Santa Fe Community College to purchase Ethyl the Whale and bring her to Santa Fe. This 82-foot-long blue whale sculpture is made from hand recycled plastics, and will be used for years to come to educate local students on consumption, waste and plastic pollution.
  • 76. In 2021, Meow Wolf completed a carbon footprint assessment for our company.
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The Customers impact area is about improving the value that we create for our direct customers and the visitors of our exhibitions.

  • 77. Our experiences offer a unique opportunity to interact with artwork, and connect our participants to the importance of the arts and creativity in their daily lives.
  • 78. Our company is working to increase accessibility for marginalized communities, and have formed specific programs for free and reduced entry for those groups.
  • 76. We design our experiences with discovery, play, and exploration for all visitors in mind.
  • 79. We created our first Audio Descriptive tour for the blind and low vision community to have a guided experience of Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station.
  • 80. We are learning more about designing for all abilities and consult experts in the blind, mobility, deaf and sensory communities to advise us.
  • 81. We continue to consult with accessibility experts to design more inclusive spaces.
  • 82. All of our locations offer a robust Local Discount program with reduced daily admission for residents.
  • 83. We offer our local students and educators an ongoing New Mexico Educator Discount with 50% off ticket prices to all New Mexico public PreK-12 educators, along with our daily student discount.
  • 85. The David Loughridge Learning Center inside the House of Eternal Return has provided more than 10,000 hours of free, choice based, artmaking to locals and visitors alike.
  • 86. Participants are able to provide feedback through a variety of mechanisms, including phone, email, in-person, and online.
  • 84. We support seniors and veterans with ongoing options for discounted admission.