Meow Wolf's mission is to inspire creativity in people’s lives through art, exploration, and play so that imagination will transform our worlds.
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At Meow Wolf we believe...
that we would not be successful without our community of visitors, network of artists and creatives, and the support of the new cities we are growing in.

As a Certified B-Corp, we value being a good neighbor and providing strong support back to our arts communities.

Currently our main method of giving back is through donating passes to our exhibition. In less than 3 years of operating the House of Eternal Return, we have provided more than $1.5 million in funding to our local communities along with over 15,000 free passes and visits to our exhibition.

We are honing our process to focus resources on supporting artists and creativity in all of our markets, with particular consideration for historically marginalized communities. We are actively supporting the efforts of many arts organizations and non-profits in the communities we serve — Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Denver —  that provide creative and inclusive opportunities for all.


Priority will be given to pass requests from local, community-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, or organizations that have a fiscal agent with 501(c)(3) status, schools or municipalities located in one of the communities we serve — Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

These priorities, along with our philanthropy values, will guide decisions in passes, partnerships and other programmatic activities. Priority Areas also takes into account the following values:

As our business recovers from the effects of COVID-19 we will begin to solicit requests for support. Submit your application here.

  • Inclusive and Equitable – funding under-served populations including youth, seniors, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, and low income communities

  • Grassroots and Community Led – Organizations and projects that have the demonstrated support of their community, and are primarily grassroots and volunteer-led

  • Resilience – organizations that provide one of a kind programs in their community, and organizations that are not relying exclusively on funding from Meow Wolf. This also includes groups that might not have access to more mainstream funding sources.

  • Innovative – programs, organizations and groups that are using new and unique programs to support diversity in the arts

  • Integrity, Respect and Fairness – a bedrock principle of Meow Wolf is to conduct our work with a high degree of transparency, fairness, honesty, dignity and respect. We expect our partners to respect our team and the communities they serve.

  • Accountability – Meow Wolf believes it should communicate clearly with its grantees about its requirements and expectations. Correspondingly, it strives to maintain openness to feedback from the organizations, institutions and communities we support.

  • Community Relevance– Programs supported by Meow Wolf should at their core be targeted and developed recognizing the diverse artistic communities that comprise our communities – Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our Focus – Arts and Creativity for all

It is core to Meow Wolf’s ethos that we use our support to inspire others to create, particularly young people and underserved populations who might lack access to creative outlets. As we grow into new communities and grow in our home state, Meow Wolf is dedicated to supporting creativity for all.

These priorities will guide decisions in pass donations, in-kind support, and other programmatic activities.

Submit your application here.

  • Art Access: We value creativity in all forms and strive to support organizations who work to increase access to culturally relevant art for youth and adults. Meow Wolf also supports efforts to recognize, build, and maintain inclusive and diverse audiences for arts and culture. Our focus is on supporting programs and organizations that seek to leverage arts, creative expression and aesthetic experiences for the purpose of inspiring diverse audiences and driving higher levels of community and civic engagement.

  • Artist Engagement: At the core of Meow Wolf is supporting artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We are actively seeking collaborative public projects that can include local artists. This includes public projects (not private events) that have more than two partners involved, and pay artists directly as performers, musicians or painters.

Our Review Process

Our priority areas, along with our values, guide Meow Wolf’s decision making in funding, passes, in-kind support, and other programmatic activities.

We do not support every request we receive and currently are not soliciting funding requests. We suggest reviewing our materials above and gearing your ask towards Meow Wolf.

An application is required to be considered for passes support. We prioritize non-profit organizations and public institutions located in one of our communities.

Passes requests: Review typically takes 4 weeks with our average donation of 4 day passes per group. We are increasing the number of passes we donate.

Funding requests: As our business recovers from the effects of COVID-19 we will begin to solicit requests for support. Please keep us on your radar for future projects or events as we are constantly evolving our philanthropy priorities.

What DON’T we typically support?

  • Organizations based outside our Communities

    At this time, we focus our resources on local organizations and programs that are based in the communities we serve – Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth. The only current exception is our annual DIY Fund.

  • One time or private events

    To help us focus on long-term change and impact, we prefer to support established recurring community events that are free for all ages. This includes galas, festivals and events that charge for entry.

  • Individuals

    While supporting artists is core to who we are, for accountability reasons we find it difficult to support individuals directly with donations. However, we are actively seeking out collaborators in all of our local markets for projects – check out our Artist Engagement page for more information and submit your work.

  • Projects

    Due to the nature and timelines of projects, we typically do not fund individual projects or completely new ideas.

  • Businesses

    We do not contribute directly to for profit businesses (our only current exception is our annual DIY Fund). We do however collaborate with like minded businesses to support artists and creativity in our local communities.

  • Emergency Requests

    Our review process takes 6-12 weeks with several rounds of review from staff, this makes it challenging to support quick turn around requests.

  • Religious Events or Activities

    Supporting faith based organizations or events is outside of our current philanthropy strategy.

As our business recovers from the effects of COVID-19 we will begin to solicit requests for funding, passes, auction items, and volunteer support.