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Freak or Treat: Exhibition-Spanning Halloween Theater with Alien Goths
Sinister doppelgängers, a goth band from outer space and a friendly monster the size of a Buick.
Billiam Rodgers
July 20, 2020

Halloween is a chaotic holiday and this year the House has been hard at work manifesting sinister doppelgängers, a goth band from outer space and a friendly monster the size of a Buick.

All will perform for your amusement as part of Meow Wolf's Freak or Treat Halloween series.

From 6 - 8 p.m. on October 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 the House will mutate into Halloween mode and guests can interact with all-new characters whose stories take them from one end of the exhibition to the other. This year these eerie experiments in experiential theater are included with the cost for general admission.

Alongside Freak or Treat in the evening, the performances will extend into the night: on Friday the 27th, we have Melt Shake Halloween with Alexander Lewis and Defunk, Saturday the 28th, we have Dance Monster with Catz and Dogz & Billy Kenny, and on Halloween night we have Golden Dawn Arkestra with Partizani Brass Band.

For those not in the know, Meow Wolf leases the House of Eternal Return from the Charter, an elite organization charged with maintaining order in the Multiverse. The Charter steps up security around this time of year because Halloween is a chaotic holiday and its effects on the House are unpredictable.

This year the Charter are searching for two teenagers: Edgar and Shelley, members of the goth punk band Meowhaus. Edgar and Shelley live on Xymox, a gray planet where it is cold and rainy every single day. The rest of the solar system thinks Xymoxians are all weirdos, but Meowhaus is about to become the most popular thing the mall planets have ever seen.

Meowhuas design by Kayla Wooldridge.

Meowhaus had some trouble the night before their first off-world concert.

Shelley bought a guitar effects pedal from a sketchy pawnshop on Xymox. The pawnbroker didn't mention that the pedal was equipped with a sonic device that can warp space. Meowhaus disappeared that night. The Charter suspects that they ended up in our exhibit. The agents started wearing Meowhaus T-shirts to work and asking us if we could inform them of any underground Meowhaus shows. The Charter aren't exactly music fans, so their behavior seems suspicious. Travel between dimensions is a huge no-no for the Charter and so Edgar and Shelley, if they're out there, could be in a lot of trouble.

The Meowhaus incident couldn't have come at a worse time for the Charter. The exhibition is infested with doppelgängers, creepy clones who pretend to be Charter agents. The doubles are nearly identical to the originals. You can spot a doppelgänger by the telltale green eyeball located somewhere on its forehead. They speak rapidly and nag people into following them places. Who knows where they come from or what they want from us. Also: if you happen to see a long, thin monster roaming the exhibition during your visit, do not be alarmed. That's Penny and they're friendly. Penny is a "growlbix," a special creature that can tell the future. Penny's owner is in there looking for them right now.

The Charter Dogcatcher is also on the case. The Dogcatcher will stop at nothing to impress his supervisor. Once the growlbix is sent to the pound, the Dogcatcher will have a number just like all the other agents. Certain of his victory over the growlbix, he's applied for "Agent 99."

The experiential theater for Freak or Treat is just one arm of our multi-tentacled Halloween celebration. We're holding our first-ever Trick or Treat for kids inside the exhibition on Halloween. We're also hosting three big dance parties the weekend before Halloween and on Halloween night. The dance parties are separate from the performance, but fear not! each party has a $500 costume contest and performers from Freak or Treat will share the dance floor with you as you celebrate the best holiday of the year.

Thanks, as always, for your kind attention. If what you read here thrilled you, please consider sharing this post using the social media links below. See you soon, Freaks! Happy Halloween!

Photographs by Kate Russell.

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