In 2016, in the wake of the tragic fire at Oakland’s DIY arts and music space, Ghost Ship, Meow Wolf established an annual DIY Fund to assist and help to ensure the safety and sustainability of similar venues around the world.

About the Meow Wolf DIY Fund

Meow Wolf has been a DIY arts and music community since 2008. We know how difficult it is to operate an alternative venue that builds authentic creative community. We know the pressures to homogenize and be absorbed into disconnected, cookie-cutter ways of living and existing. We stand in solidarity with DIY communities and recognize that they are a critical component to a healthy society – our DIY Fund will continue to support art communities for years to come.

Through the DIY Fund, small community art spaces receive grant money to pay for everything from infrastructure improvements to rent. In total, Meow Wolf has awarded more than $400,000 to nearly 250 DIY spaces across the country.

Our DIY Fund is an annual fund with an open call for applications each year. An application is required to receive funding. The 2019 DIY Fund application has closed. Please stay tuned for 2020 dates to be announced.

DIY Fund Impact

Many of the organizations we support do not receive outside grants or funding, so our DIY Fund is a one of a kind support mechanism. For the majority of our decade-long history, Meow Wolf lived on the fringes of Santa Fe in a series of small DIY venues. Now, we’re paying it forward through our DIY Fund annual program.

In our three years of operating the DIY Fund, we have received over 700 applications and inquiries for funding. Selected among these hundreds of applicants, Meow Wolf has helped nearly 250 small-scale arts and music organizations in 33 different states with rent, infrastructure, safety improvements, materials, programming, and equipment.

We believe it is critical to continue cultivating relationships with and financially support these unique creative spaces.


Meow Wolf plans to continue the DIY Fund for years to come. Our goals include increasing the number of applicants and amount of funding that is awarded each year, while also increasing awareness for the value of DIY art and music spaces in our communitites. We receive hundreds of requests each year, making the DIY Fund a competitive process and unique funding mechanism.

Here are a few things that we’re looking for in each application:

  • Established – You are an established space already supporting your creative community

  • Involvement – we want to learn more about you, the founders of the group, and the folks who are currently involved

  • Creative Community Impact – tell us about how you support creatives with your space

  • Specific – provide as much detail as you can on how you would use the funding, including budgets if available

The 2019 DIY Fund application has closed. Our 2020 DIY Fund dates will be announced during 2020 – please check back regularly for updates!

DIY Fund News

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Meow Wolf's DIY Fund Application 2019
Thank you so much for checking out Meow Wolf’s DIY Fund! If you are looking for the 2019 DIY Fund application after October 7th, 2019, we regret to inform that you have missed our 2019 application window and late applications will not be accepted.

We anticipate awarding 2019 funding in Spring 2020 — if you applied, we’ll be in touch via email to give you updates.

We receive thousands of requests for support annually from spaces across the U.S making this a competitive application process. Our DIY Fund is a one of a kind funding mechanism for small scale art and music spaces, and we’ve received over 700 applications in three years. Our average donation is $1,000 through the Fund, and unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to respond to emergency requests through our funding, so please keep that in mind when reaching out or applying.

Our 2020 DIY Fund dates are to be announced. Please check back regularly for updates!

If you have questions, please contact us at Good luck!