Convergence Station


September 17, 2021


Nearly three decades ago, a freak cosmic event known as the Convergence tore away pieces of four different worlds in the blink of an eye.  Ripped from their loved ones and native planets, scores of displaced citizens were thrust into this new Convergence of Worlds, with only memories of the lives they had before.

Memory itself became so vital that an entire memory sharing economy developed and soon flourished. This new memory economy was all the more important because in the wake of being smashed together, these worlds were wracked by relentless “Memory Storms”: psychic aftershocks of the Convergence that would scatter citizens' memories whenever they struck.

Today, Convergence is buzzing with activity: QDOT has opened its latest station (the first on Earth) as an endpoint in Denver, so this is the first time Convergence residents are able to visit Earth. And citizens have suddenly started remembering glimpses of four forgotten women – who were each somehow tied to the moment of Convergence on their homeworlds.

white wave