September 1, 2013



Nucleotide was a small, but densely packed installation created for and within the Thomas Robertello Gallery. The unifying theme of the show was a coral reef, but, staple to Meow Wolf’s process, it also featured a number of disparate alternative spaces steeped in sounds, video and motion sensor technology. Nucleotide focused on maximizing space to create an intimate, but strangely vast-feeling immersive environment.

Nucleotide exists as its own separate ecosystem, entirely artist-made and operated, that glows against the urban grit. Sparkly objects, miniature terrarium-esque environments built into walls, and unimaginable crevices covered in silver foil where, if you step inside to take a selfie and step around, motion sensors pick up on you and release beats accordingly. — Alicia Eler, Hyperallergic

white wave