Omega Mart (Original)


July 1, 2012


In spring of 2012, Meow Wolf’s educational outreach program Chimera worked with nearly 1000 public school kids in Santa Fe, New Mexico to develop products for a fake grocery store called Omega Mart. In each classroom Meow Wolf artists worked with small groups of students to collaboratively generate ideas for fake products.

Students came up with products such as “Giant Sponge in a Box for Cows that Have Been Abducted,” “Powdered Dreams,” and “Celebrity Backwash.” Groups would then collaborate to design packaging, write scripts, create storyboards and film commercials. The student-created products were stocked on the shelves next to products designed by Meow Wolf artists such as “Diet Beefies,” “Whale Song Deodorant,” and “Honey Clumps of Hmmm.”

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