Located inside Convergence Station
1338 1st Street Denver, CO 80204

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Inside the bustling multiverse transit station known as Convergence Station lies HELLOFOOD, an oasis of combined culinary cultures serving QDOT for 2,500 years and counting! Here, visitors can recharge from their cosmic exploration, and find sustenance in tasty treats and bold brews.

Supporting local vendors who positively impact their communities is a priority for Meow Wolf, therefore our HELLOFOOD menu options can vary based on seasonality and distribution. We appreciate your patience!


Q: Do you serve food?
Float does not serve food, but there are snacks and treats available for purchase, along with Food Trucks outside.

Q: My kids are with me, can they be in the Bar/Cafe area while I get a drink?
Yes, during normal business hours you are more than welcome to bring your kids into Float with you while you get a drink. During shows, you must be 21+ to enter bar/cafe area.

Q: Do I need to buy a ticket to HoER if I want to go to Float?
Yes. Float is currently only open to HoER admissions ticket holders.

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Denver Chef Blaine Baggao’s incredible, award-winning Latin-Asian food highlights his Filipino and New Mexican heritage, and combines flavors and traditions of the two cuisines harmoniously.

With roots in American and Africa, the business was built from the ground up - literally- when they purchased farmland in the center province of Cameroon and planted cacao, plantain, and coffee seeds.  Produced in Denver, Bibamba transforms their beans, plantain, and other all-natural ingredient into delicious, premium chocolate.  

Copper Door Coffee
The java from Denver’s first 100% female owned coffee roaster is some of the best around, and reflects the tradition and craftsmanship practiced around the world for hundreds of years.

God Save the Cream
Exceptional flavors of ice cream are churned out in small batches at this Denver-based craft creamery, ensuring the freshest frozen dessert possible; and it is woman-owned!

Marble Brewery
This premium craft brewer has teamed up with Meow Wolf to create Day Ghost, a Japanese-style rice lager which is crisp, approachable and available exclusively at Meow Wolf locations and Marble Brewery taprooms.

Mercy's Burritos
We believe in celebrating authentic Denver culture through favorites like burritos sauces and above all things Amore…and yes we mean seconds.

Odell Brewing Co.
Not only is The OBC Wine Project’s innovative wine a fresh take on a centuries-old tradition, but this independent brewery-turned-winery has been giving back to the local community since opening their doors in 1989.

Overt Cafe
Thirteen years ago, I relocated to Denver and set up my restaurant, Vert Kitchen. My establishment is a tribute to my love for traveling, as it offers exciting and fresh flavors inspired by my adventures across the globe. From farm-to-table meals to exceptional surprises, my passion for food is evident in every dish.

Quantum Cream
My wife and I started making our magical dessert after noticing a lack of clean-ingredient, environmentally friendly (and tasty!) freeze-dried ice cream available for today’s health-conscious customer. Before a camping trip to the Rocky Mountains in 2017, we purchased some supplies and snacks to bring on the trails. Feeling nostalgic, we got some freeze-dried ice cream as a fun dessert.

Raices Brewing Company
Community, culture and cerveza are at the heart of this Latino owned and operated, Denver-based craft brewery which draws inspiration from Latin American and Caribbean cultures.

Rocky Mountain Soda Company
This unique and high quality soda, made right here in Denver, uses all-natural ingredients like peach, prickly pear and elderberry extracts to create refreshing and delicious, locally-crafted beverages.

Serotonin Sweets
Serotonin Sweets is a labor of love, manifested to spread happiness through food. We are woman owned and always on the hunt to create overly decadent treats. Let us bring a little more serotonin into your day!

The unique Teakoe name stems from a family heirloom, a tin of pekoe tea, our founder Pete found synergy between “tea” and the high grade nomenclature “pekoe”. Upon his revelation, research showed Pyrex owned the trademark during the 60’s & 70’s, but the mark had expired… on the exact day & year Pete was born! We certainly think the stars aligned on this one. No added sugar, certified organic, old school brewed.

black and white logo with a cow in the middle and the words God Save the Cream (a vendor at HELLOFOOD located in Denver, CO)adobo logo in red lettersCopper Door Coffee logolooks like a soda pop top with a picture of the Rocky Mountains in the centerRaices Brewing logoLogo for The OBC Wine Project in Denver CO, a vendor at HELLOFOODlogo with one green and one red Chile pepper with a heart on one and an "M" on the other for Mercy's Burritos in Denver CO, a vendor at HELLOFOODQuantum Cream logo in shades of pink, white, and brownthe word OVERT in slim black font as a logo for a cafe in Denverteakoe logo in black and white for teaa cupcake image laid over a swirling psychedelic backgroundblack text logo for Bibamba, artisan chocolate

Q. Do you serve food?
HELLOFOOD has many grab-and-go food options, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase.

Q. My kids are with me, can they be in HELLOFOOD while I get a drink?
Yes! During normal business hours, you are more than welcome to bring your kids with you while you get a drink.

Q. Do I need to buy a ticket to Convergence Station if I want to go to HELLOFOOD?
Yes. HELLOFOOD is only open to Convergence Station ticket holders who have been admitted to the exhibition.

Q. Can I bring my food and/or drinks into the exhibition?
No, only empty water bottles are permitted into the exhibition.

Q. How can I get more information about becoming a partner in HELLOFOOD?
If you are interested in being considered as a vendor, please fill out this form.

plate of mac and cheese, tacos, nachos, and salad at HELLOFOODtwo hands touching drinks in front of a HELLOFOOD sign on a yellow wallplate of tacos and plate of nachos with two drinks on a white table at HELLOFOOD in Meow Wolf Denvercooler full of Mad Lemon spiked beveragesthree ice cream tubs made by Denver brand God Save the Cream