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Sumptuous greetings abound, QDOT travelers.

If your quantum travel plans involve a trip to Convergence Station, consider a stop by the executive travel lounge, Sips (with a Z), for a taste of our most exquisitely crafted elegance. It's the perfect cocktail bar to visit before, between, or after exploring the cosmic wonders of alternative universes. This sanctuary of hand-poured cocktails and delectable snacks is the best way for Earthers to take a load off in their natural gravitational conditions.

Friday & Saturday: 12pm-Close
Sunday: 12pm-7pm

Reservations are not accepted at this time.

To inquire about rentals for parties or private events, contact us here.


Q: Do you serve food?
Float does not serve food, but there are snacks and treats available for purchase, along with Food Trucks outside.

Q: My kids are with me, can they be in the Bar/Cafe area while I get a drink?
Yes, during normal business hours you are more than welcome to bring your kids into Float with you while you get a drink. During shows, you must be 21+ to enter bar/cafe area.

Q: Do I need to buy a ticket to HoER if I want to go to Float?
Yes. Float is currently only open to HoER admissions ticket holders.

Our Menu
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