The Miniverse

Meow Wolf welcomes you to travel to a new miniature dimension. Join us in supporting Santa Fe small businesses and local artists as they bring the power of perspective to life.  Keep an eye out as tiny wonders appear in unexpected places, reminding us of the huge impact radical details bring to every experience.

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The many worlds of The Miniverse

Photos by Kate Russell
Charter Case 117: Fallen Object - Miniverse Mineshaft

In this Miniverse scene, Charter agents assess the damage and effects of an object that has  phased from the Selig kitchen into the crystal mineshaft. Onlookers gather as the agents make notes and keep their eyes on the mysterious ooze, a result of the travel between worlds.


Established in 1905 by Greek immigrant Dionyus Razatos as one of the oldest restaurants in Santa Fe, Plaza offers a portal through a napkin dispenser design, showcasing a tiny view into the family's rich history of the cafe and the many people, through decades, that have contributed to its aesthetic and experience.

Traditions Merging

This piece is a scene from one of Santa Fe’s most cherished events, Zozobra. It’s made from walnut and vintage lead coated tin that’s hand cut, punched and soldered. The artistic techniques are rooted in traditional New Mexican Spanish Colonial art and the subject matter was chosen because of the artists personal connection to the event.

Back to the Land we go

Inspired by the Plains Indigenous traveling trunk known as Parfleche, this container functions primarily as a reminder of forgotten realms and serves to pull the viewer back into the land they may have once come from. Back to the Land we go is an immersive-like vessel containing a colorful landscape of glass beads on handmade paper.

Phantom Chores in Crystal Dimension

As the weeks of quarantine solitude compounded, daily rhythms inhabiting our little worlds became like tracing words in fog on a window. These vignettes of domestic activity are a meditation on coping in the 5th dimension, incorporeal crystalline threads our only connection. Lovers entwined, laundry on the line, the pets wonder if we will get out of bed before 2 pm.

A Secret Sound

Imagine walking into a record store, but stumbling across a mini-universe hidden amongst the records. Five unique dioramas light up and move, each telling a different story of the “Living Thing” traveler as they move through different times and spaces. Strangely, there is no sound. Can interdimensional travel be silent?

Miniature worlds near you

white logo for Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe, NM
Plaza Café Southside
3466 Zafarano Drive
white MEOW WOLF logo
Meow Wolf Santa Fe
1352 Rufina Circle
white el Rey logo, a restaurant in Santa Fe, NM
La Reina at El Rey Court
1862 Cerrillos Rd
white logo for Violet Crown in all caps, located in Santa Fe, NM
Violet Crown Santa Fe
1606 Alcaldesa St
white logo of a mirrored bird head with the words "Iconic Coffee Roasters" a coffee shop located in Santa Fe, NM
314 S Guadalupe St
white logo of Lost Padre Records, a local music shop in Santa Fe, NM
Lost Padre Records
131 W Water St