Thanks to a partnership with an agency that specializes in the interstellar travel and entertainment market, Meow Wolf launched “Summer in the Multiverse,” our most ambitious performance series to date. With more than 100 performers, it was of a scale that is light-years beyond our wildly successful “House of Halloween.” Our alien friends landed in Santa Fe Friday, May 26 and they didn’t go home until August 20.
person at the entrance of the House of Eternal Return
Person standing looking up at a glowing ball in a vivid blue room.
person wrapped in cloth holding an orb
Trinity kitchen logo

Unrestrained creative chaos spilled beyond the walls of the exhibit. Even our parking lot had attractions such as performers, food trucks (including Meow Wolf’s all-new Cajun truck “Trinity Kitchen“), weekend DJ dance parties, popsicles and dozens more events engineered to create an upbeat and vibrant time.

Performances materialized at random throughout the day, all summer long. Special tickets were not needed; these events came free with the price of general admission. Just some of our supernatural talents included: aerialists, musicians, acrobats, lighthouse keepers, magicians and storytellers.

There were lessons in herbology, salsa dancing Sundays, alien-themed makeovers and Spanish story hour. If you’ve never been to the “House of Eternal Return,” or if you’ve never seen the exhibit used as a live performance space, we suggest you stop by for Summer 2018!