Danceportation Transports Guests to Another Dimension With Music Curated by Electronic Music-Label, Monstercat Inside Meow Wolf Denver’s Second Convergiversary

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Meow Wolf Denver transforms The Converged Worlds that make up its exhibit into a kaleidoscope of wondrous beats, vibes and sounds with Danceportation on September 23, 2023. Yes, the show happens inside the four alien worlds and the captivating experience is led by artists from the roster at electronic music label, Monstercat. Infected Mushroom, Koven, Godlands, ShockOne, Whales and more are fusing art, dance and electronic music into a soundscape that will leave you breathless.

In celebration of Convergence Station’s two-year Convergiversary, a proper dance party, where artistry is given free rein, awaits. The mind-bending convergence of visual and auditory excellence led by Monstercat’s extraordinary lineup pulses with innovation and creativity that promises to be a feast for the senses. 

The hallowed halls of Ossuary, already charged with Convergence Station’s electrifying energy, will be given a boost (and a lot of bass), while the vivid hues, neon radiant purples and pulsating pinks in Numina will merge into a hypnotic display of light. Over on C Street, the walls themselves will come alive to the sounds and rhythms of the renowned DJs, while Eemia, the ice world, will mesmerize as party enthusiasts step into this sonic wonderland. 

With the four alien worlds as the backdrop, anything is possible. Expect a hidden bar and speakeasy that will tease cocktails from Sips (with a Z), the new second lounge opening this fall at Convergence Station. Appearances by creatures from Mythic Times and a 360 degree photo booth in Numina’s alternative future,  “Post Apocalyptic Paradice” and hidden pop up stages will keep partygoers on their toes.

DJs will ignite the magic of electronic music by blending genres from ambient, to techno, house and other deep, moody vibes. Prepare for a collective dance floor energy that will envelope the space, defying expectations. 

It’s not every day that a dance party transcends conventional standards, but Danceportation gets it right. The Monstercat takeover will transport guests to another dimension, one where the connection between art and music feels boundless and profound. The party takes over the whole exhibit before headliner Infected Mushroom makes magic happen in The Perplexiplex.