Meow Wolf Breaks Ground in Houston with Mayor Turner – and Spray Paint!

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Today, US-based arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf had a groundbreaking ceremony for its next exhibition, coming to Houston’s 5th Ward in 2024, Taking the phrase “paint the town” a bit literal, the groundbreaking ceremony closed with Mayor Sylvester Turner, Meow Wolf CEO Jose Tolosa, and DealCo’s Jon Deal each grabbing a can of spray paint and collectively tagging “Meow Wolf'' on the wall to mark its future location.

“We open portals of possibility for our participants, for our employees, for our artists, and for our communities. We try to make people see life in a different way.” Tolosa said prior to the tag. “We are about creating impact. Community matters to us. The underrepresented artist matters to us. Creating jobs matters to us.”

Expanding on its kaleidoscopic universe that already exists in the physical plane in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, and soon Dallas-Fort Worth, the Houston groundbreaking will bring Meow Wolf’s interactive, immersive, and mind-awakening art exhibitions to the city–adding an extra dash of inclusivity and all ages curiosity to an already-bustling 5th Ward arts community. 

“The Meow Wolf immersive art portal coming to the Fifth Ward cultural arts district is precisely the kind of attraction that will help Houston stand out as an even more attractive destination for broad and diverse groups of people,” Mayor Turner said.

In anticipation of Meow Wolf’s transformation of the iconic 5th Ward building, Mayor Turner expressed his pride in the city’s partnership with Meow Wolf. Turner emphasized the company’s commitment “to bring over 100 new jobs into the community during their first operating year.”

The ceremony also included councilwoman Tarsha Jackson, artist Gonzo247, Harrison Guy of the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation, and band Joe Carmouche Trio, bringing the energy and excitement of Meow Wolf and the 5th Ward through audio levels that were heard throughout the neighborhood and possibly to those listening in other worlds. Meow Wolf Houston will open in 2024 at 2103 Lyons Ave, Houston, Texas.