Meow Wolf launches new Annual Portal Pass

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Welcome to the infinite multiverse! As gift giving season descends upon Planet Earth, Meow Wolf is thrilled to give humans the present of unbounded adventure. Announcing the launch of Meow Wolf’s Annual Portal Pass: offering guests of all ages perpetual access to their local Meow Wolf exhibition for an entire year, ensuring an endless journey through intricate art, delightful mysteries, mind-bending spaces, and unadulterated weirdness.

Starting at the day of purchase, the Meow Wolf Annual Portal Pass unlocks one Earth year of entry to mind-bending immersive art exploration. Also included for passholders: discounts on food, drinks, merch, and additional tickets, plus universal bragging rights after you visit 83,000.345 times. Curious adventurers and art lovers alike can experience the kaleidoscopic epiphany of visiting the living, breathing worlds at different times of the year. If one visit to Meow Wolf is transformative, imagine endless encores of interactive exploration. Give friends and family the gift of unlimited Meow Wolf, or treat yourself!

Major benefits of the Meow Wolf Annual Portal Pass include:

  • Nearly-Infinite* Access: With the Annual Portal Pass, your adventure doesn’t have to  end. Explore your favorite Meow Wolf location  as many times as you like. Annual Passes can even be used to purchase tickets to Meow Wolf’s 21+ nights! Please note that each Portal Pass is only good for visiting one exhibition per year -- the Portal Pass won’t work on multiple locations.
  • 10% Discount: Passholders enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on food, drinks, Meow Wolf’s famously cool-weird gift shop merchandise, and extra general admission tickets. Savor delicious offerings, snag unique souvenirs, and share the zany bewilderment with your friends and family at a special rate.
  • Customizable Passes: Meow Wolf offers customizable annual passes designed to cater to individuals, groups, or families. Whether you're a lone explorer or seeking shared adventures, there's a pass that suits your needs.
  • Year-round Access: Gain entry to the Meow Wolf exhibition of your choice throughout all seasons. Be it summer, winter, or any time in between, your pass ensures consistent access.
  • Giftable: Give the gift of limitless adventure this holiday season with Meow Wolf's Annual Portal Pass—share the wonder with your friends and family. 

* Blockout Dates: Please note that limited blackout dates apply, and details can be found on the Portal Pass FAQ page for additional information. For pricing, please see the local Meow Wolf exhibition’s communication channels.

"The Annual Portal Pass is an affordable and convenient way for fans who can’t get enough Meow Wolf magic to visit with friends and family as much as they like,” said Kelly Schoeffel, Meow Wolf’s Chief Marketing Officer, “and it’s here now!"

Prepare to unlock the portal to a year filled with wonder, discovery, and artistry like never before. To learn more about the Meow Wolf Annual Portal Pass and to purchase yours today, visit Meow Wolf’s website