Meow Wolf Projects

Meow Wolf started in 2008 as a small collective of Santa Fe artists who all shared an interest in publicly displaying their works while developing their skills together. This collective approach of painters, architects, sculptors, performers, writers and more lead to Meow Wolf's distinctive style of immersive environments that are maximalist in nature and allow for audience-driven experiences
white wave

Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape is not a rollercoaster. It’s a thrill ride for the mind. The installation from the brains behind House of Eternal Return takes passengers on an interactive, artist-driven voyage from minimal to maximal and back again.

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House of Eternal Return

“The House” The small mountain town of Santa Fe hides a secret straight out of science fiction. An unassuming building in the city’s industrial district is a nexus of colorful,…

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Nucleotide was a small, but densely packed installation created for and within the Thomas Robertello Gallery. The unifying theme of the show was a coral reef, but, staple to Meow Wolf’s process, it…

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In spring of 2013 Meow Wolf traveled to Texas to build Nimbus for the 6th annual Luminaria Festival in San Antonio’s Hemisfair Park. For Nimbus, Meow Wolf artists utilized light…

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Omega Mart

In spring of 2012, Meow Wolf’s educational outreach program Chimera worked with nearly 1000 Public School kids in Santa Fe, New Mexico to develop products for a fake grocery store…

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Constructed within the Health & Social Sciences Auditorium at NMSU, Glitteropolis was an archeological dig site set in the future. It featured small villages, sparkling obelisks, mysterious glyphs, miniature scenes set…

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The Due Return

The Due Return was an inter-dimensional ship settled on an alien landscape. From the original Press Release: Once a seafaring vessel, [The Due Return] now bears the marks of its…

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GEODEcadent II

Another geodesic dome that allowed viewers to witness a vacuumed space holding together post-1950’s furniture, memorabilia and knick-knacks.

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GEODEcadent I

A geodesic dome that allowed viewers to witness a vacuumed space holding together post-1950’s furniture, memorabilia and knick-knacks as if gravity had sucked it all up into single ball. GEODEcadent…

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The Moon is to Live On

Two years into its infancy, Meow Wolf ventured into the realm of live theater with “The Moon is to Live On”, a 3-hour extravaganza featuring live music, dance, time-based art…

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A multi-level, indoor-outdoor interactive installation of structures and environments that opened in June of 2010. More than 25 artists created an imagined village of living spaces and curious interiors. The…

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Horror was Meow Wolf’s first try at compartmentalizing a larger space into smaller spaces within which artists could represent themselves and their artwork; the theme, horror. Eerie bedrooms, butcher shops and…

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