Giant Robot

We have a Giant Robot in our parking lot!

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Christian Ristow’s massive iconic sculpture “Becoming Human” to the Art Complex.  Get your presale ticket today and be first to stand in this benevolent mechanical titan’s shadow!

So how do you assemble a 30 foot tall robot in one day? Cole Bee Wilson, Meow Wolf Artist and Fabricator extraordinaire chronicled the gargantuan task from start to finish:

How to Build a Giant Robot in 8 Steps:

Step 1: Make sure all parts are present and accounted for.

Building a Robot Step 1
Step 2: Build a strong foundation. Tamp it real good.

Building a Robot Step 2
Step 3: Start with the feet.

Building a Robot Step 3 Start with the feet.
Step 4: Connect the legs to the feet.

Building a Robot Step 4
Step 5: Obviously, you attach the arms to the body.

Building a Robot Step 5 2

Step 6: Assemble lower and upper parts.

Building a Robot Step 6
Step 7: Of course, you need to attach the head.

Building a Robot Step 7
Step 8: Enjoy your beautiful, epic, daisy wielding, giant robot.
Building a Robot Step 8

And there you have it!

Christian Ristow's Becoming Human