Legit Concerns Book by Author MikeyRae
Legit Concerns on the Wall: Philosophical Thoughts Sans Jargon from Mikey Rae
Beloved for his drawings that adorn the hallways and exhibit at Meow Wolf Santa Fe, Mikey Rae publishes a new book.
Day of the Devs: Indie Game Heaven
Nov 5 by Meow Wolf
It’s November…aka full-on fall! You know what that means: the leaves are changing and beginning to crisp and scatter, yielding...
We Live in Mythic Times: The Art of Jenny Ollikainen
Oct 24 by Allyson Lupovich
“Everything is gross and everything is beautiful,” says Jenny Ollikainen of ‘Mythic Times.’ “How do you not know this? We’re...
Bedtime Stories Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore
Oct 22 by Carsen Greene
Someone takes their top off in public, what do you do — how do you react? Perhaps you’re casual, cool...
Melt Your Minds with a Punk Variety TV Show: The Eyeslicer
Sep 11 by Dave Jasmon
The Eyeslicer is back with a second season of experimental short films and a plan to revive the independent filmmaker...
Healing Spaces: Marina Fini
Jul 25 by Allyson Lupovich
“I don’t ever feel like my work is just me,” says Marina Fini while sitting on a cloud bed between...
In the Garden of Sensory Delights: Pussy Power House
Jul 24 by Mattie Snider
What would it be like if women ran the world? Corinne Loperfido and her feminist art community Pussy Power House are...
Conversation Sparker : Frank Buffalo Hyde
Jun 19 by Dave Jasmon
A herd of buffalo are barreling right for you. . . but wait, are they being chased by UFOs? Flying...
Vital Spaces
May 23 by Alison Gamache
Making studio space affordable for Santa Fe Artists and now accepting applications.
Kaleidoscape: Michael Ortiz bends time and space with paint
May 8 by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
If you live in or visit Denver you’ve seen Michael Ortiz’s work on a wall somewhere — the massive mural...