Indigenerds Converge at Indigenous Comic Con
Anyone can be an indigenerd, Lee Francis 4 says. “You don’t have to take a DNA test. For me, an indigenerd is someone that is interested in seeing dynamic portrayal…
Denver Comic Artist Derek Knierim
Jun 28 by Collin Stapleton
From his booth at Denver Zine Fest 2018, Denver artist Derek Knierim discusses the world of his comic, "Manifest: Future," and the challenges and rewards of self-publishing.
2018 Denver Zine Fest
Jun 28 by Michael J. Wilson
Zines are having a moment, as evidenced by the large and enthusiastic crowd at the 2018 Denver Zine Fest.
Meow Files: Bill Dambrova
Jun 26 by Julia Goldberg
Phoenix artist Bill Dambrova is a visiting creator who contributed a mural in the House of Eternal Return. During his few short weeks of intensive painting last spring, he found some time to chat about his artistic practice and the process of creating large-scale work with Meow Wolf.
Diego Mireless Duran
Meow Files: Diego Mireles Duran
Jun 14 by Christopher J
When I get hold of him in May, Diego Mireles Duran is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico working on a mural as part of a ongoing project in the town. He's been…
Meow Files: Madeleine Tonzi, Mural Maker
May 31 by Christina Procter
There’s something about sticking to this dimension that doesn’t quite work for us. Nor does it for Oakland-based artist Madeleine Tonzi, who returned to her hometown of Santa Fe to…
Denver Independent Zine Fest, DiNK.
DiNK is Denver’s impressive, independent comic and art expo
Apr 25 by Christina Procter
At the Denver independent Comics & Art Expo in mid-April, mostly unknown titans of talent showed their work: comic books, graphic novels, zines, small press releases, and more. Affectionately referred to as DiNK, the expo has attracted underground creators for three years.
Meow Files: Cathy Laughlin, Lead Automation and Interactive Lighting Designer
Apr 13 by Alison Gamache
Cathy Laughlin is Meow Wolf’s lead Automation & Interactive Lighting Developer. Her main work for HoER was designing and programming the Show Controller which is the control system that allows…
Paper Fashion Show @Downtown Aurora Visual Arts.
Fashionably Now: Denver’s Paper Fashion Show
Apr 13 by Christina Procter
Art is important, but what’s more important is people making art. That’s why we jumped in as title sponsor when we heard about Denver’s Paper Fashion Show. Not just because…
Timeworm, House of Eternal Return
Timeworm is House of Eternal Return’s Newest Portal, and It’s Beautiful!
Mar 19 by Meow Wolf
We’re guessing you’ve heard we’ve got a new portal. And, if you haven’t, you should know - we’ve got a new portal! The portal’s name is Timeworm and it sits…