House of Eternal Return: Frozen in Time for Seven Years

Seven things that make Meow Wolf’s first permanent location, House of Eternal Return, a macrocosmic favorite.

This is where it all started! In this timeline, there are seven natural wonders identified on Earth, seven days in a Gregorian calendar week, and seven years since mysterious happenings inside of a Victorian manor dissolved the nature of time and space in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since the opening of House of Eternal Return on Friday, March 17, 2016, the House has had the pleasure of hosting millions of Portal Hoppers and guests from 15,683 nations, 947 planets, 300,000 different timelines, and 42

On our firstborn exhibit’s birthday, we would like to explore seven areas that we think make her a special fan favorite: 

1. Interactive Art

Meow Wolf has always aimed to engage people with art in a fresh and fully immersive way. The art taps into and manifests magic with resounding surprises, inspiration, and connection for all to enjoy. The space was designed with a purpose. Explorers are provided an opportunity to step into their wildest dreams and absorb a new reality within the 20,000-square-foot facility, it is a choose-your-own-adventure and you are the curator. The handmade look and feel combined with the “how in the world did they do that?” are all part of the appeal that makes House of Eternal Return’s art feel so charming. 

Every year, the House continues to expand the already existing 70+ rooms with new rooms and new art. Have you seen all of the rooms, murals, and art added in the past few months? It’s hard to keep up, but you didn’t choose the life of interdimensional travel, it chose you. 

a futuristic bright blue room with light, shapes, and colors on a large digital display
Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media

2. Unique Artists

The amazing artists that we have been able to work with are extraordinary, innovative, and brilliant, to say the very least. Their creations continue to grow and evolve, and over the past seven years, there have been over 700 artists and contributors who have had their part in helping create House of Eternal Return. Check out some of our staff artists here. 

The House also has a variety of resident characters that roam inside, interacting with the art and guests. Make sure to be on the lookout for some of our Portal Hoppers like The Historian, Calamari Head, Fanboygirl, and Peacock Tuba roaming through the exhibit – they can be quite informative and amusing. 

two characters that look very alien are inside a colorful room called the Charter Room
Photo by Daniel “Chiddy” Ward

3. Our OGs

We have a few people who have been here over the past seven years – they are our beloved OGs who keep our flame alive. Our visitor services manager, Heather, has been here since June 2016. We asked her what her favorite part about House of Eternal Return was and she said it was the people who work there. “There is a fantastic group of people who work in this building,” Heather explains. She adds, “This place draws creativity out of you,” and concludes that House was a “place where people can feel comfortable being themselves and experience wonder like they haven't since they were children.

A person with red hair, and glasses stands in front of art from House of Eternal Return and smiles
Heather, House OG

4. Live Music

Live music has always had a huge role in Meow Wolf’s roots. Music brings people together and transports anyone willing to lean into it. The House’s venue, Fancy Town provides the rad experience of seeing incredibly talented musicians and performances while inside an exhibit that dabbles in different realities. Do you know who performed the first show at House of Eternal Return? Please treat yourself to seeing a show at this venue – it really is a whole vibe

House of Eternal Return’s music venue with a stage, neon lights, colorful art, and from the perspective of a ship’s helm.
Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media

5. Family: Selig-Pastore Family

Can’t have House of Eternal Return without the house part. Yes, the drawers you’ve been rummaging through and the private journals and letters you’ve been reading are from the Selig and Pastore household. They were definitely up to something forbidden (at least in most timelines), which not only caused their disappearance but opened up secret passageways into other dimensions for you to discover.

The family consists of Jean and Emerson Selig; their twin children Lucius and Piper; Piper’s husband, Nicolae Pastore; and their twin children: Lex and Morgan Pastore. If you have seen or heard anything about their whereabouts or have any additional information that can help us, please let us know. 

an esoteric-looking man with a guru stance in front of a backdrop of the night’s stars with the words, “Live, Laugh, Lucius”
Lucius Selig

6. Superfreaks/fans = Coolest Dweebz

We have the pleasure of having a creative and fun community of Meow Wolf fans. They come from all over, and don’t have matching characteristics (or do they?), but are a delightful group of art misfits who have found inspiration in House of Eternal Return. They investigate, create their own artwork, and keep the universes entertained. Sometimes, if you watch close enough, you can even see one born right in front of your eyes – just look for the expression of pure marvel on a future fan’s face as they walk out of the wormhole they came in on.

quotes from what appears to be past guests in different colors against a background of a magical forest

7. Our Casa del Regreso Eterno: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the oldest state capital and the third-largest art market in the United States. Draped in rich Pueblo-style architecture, and picturesque vistas of desert, forest, and mountains, it’s safe to say that Santa Fe, New Mexico’s enchantment is very dear to our hearts. This is where it all began, the place Meow Wolf co-founders called home when they first started the collective – now where Meow Wolf HQ is located. We couldn’t think of a more magical place for our House to call home.

Large sculpture of a robot in a parking lot in front of  a mountain range in Santa Fe and a colorful sunset
Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media, Artwork credit: Christian Ristow

Happy seventh birthday, House of Eternal Return! Keep on spinning.