Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return
Our Musical March Community Day!
This Sunday, March 11, is our first Community Day since our 2018 renovations. We’ve got new rooms! A new portal! A new cafe! And lots of new mural magic and…
January Music in the Meow Wolf Venue Space
January Music in the Meow Wolf Venue Space
Jan 5 by Christopher J
The best way to start a new year is with music you love. Our January selections for the Meow Wolf venue space are top notch. So warm up by poppin'…
From The Surface of Sublunar: Our New Year’s Eve Celebration
Dec 26 by Billiam Rodgers
New Year's Eve celebrations are fascinating because New Years is a conceptual holiday. The first night is a holiday about time, arbitrarily determined, which sets it apart from other holidays…
LIVE in House Of Eternal Return: Dada Duets with Annie Ellicott
Dec 19 by Alison Gamache
Meow Wolf works hard to bring more performances for fans of our immersive theater experiences. This week, following the wrap up of the highly successful Perpetual Motion, we have another…
Princess Nokia engages her crowd at Meow Wolf's Venue
Hotspot: House of Eternal Return’s Venue and Events
Nov 3 by Meow Wolf
House of Eternal Return's Venue space is a big success. Since the day it opened its doors, the intimate and dynamic venue has been active with shows. Our first two…
November Music Playlist for Meow Wolf’s Venue
Nov 1 by Meow Wolf
This November will be anything but cold at Meow Wolf's venue. There's live music of nearly every kind and so something for all including Grateful Dead covers, folk and country, rap…
Ty Segall
Playlist: October Music at Meow Wolf’s Concert Venue
Oct 4 by Meow Wolf
October's here! Meow Wolf will soon fill its venue crypt with Halloween events, costume contests and performances. Before we move into ghoul mode, there's plenty of music on the playlist…
Playlist: August Music at Meow Wolf’s Concert Venue
Aug 2 by Billiam Rodgers
Big-name bands and DJs are going to bring the summer concert season at Meow Wolf to a stunning close. Santa Fe’s most unique music venue was recently named one of…
July Playlist
Playlist: July Music at Meow Wolf’s Concert Venue
Jun 30 by Billiam Rodgers
We're hosting bands and DJs in our concert venue this month who fit right in with July, the beating heart of summer. You can let loose with GRAMMY-winning Latin music,…
June Playlist
Playlist: June Music at Meow Wolf’s Concert Venue
May 29 by Billiam Rodgers
June is going to be a banging month for music at Meow Wolf. Our concert space is hosting fantastic bands and DJs as we approach the beating heart of summer. We…