The Setlist : June 2019

Featuring our favorite musicians taking the stage at Meow Wolf Santa Fe this month.


MONO 6/1/19

MONO is a Tokyo-based, 4-piece instrumental rock band. Formed in 1999, they’ve released 10 albums of celestial, distorted, and existentially somber music. MONO mixes elements of orchestral arrangements, shoegaze guitar riffs, and nu-metal, while regularly employing reverb, distortion, sustain, and delay effects to create their signature compositions.

The band’s aim is to transcend genre while conveying narratives and messages without the use of lyrics.

Wild Child 6/24/19

Coming out of Austin, Wild Child is an indie-folk band founded on the sweetheart song writings of Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins. The band has since grown into its current 7-piece ensemble, featuring a wide range of instruments including violin, cello, trombone, saxophone, ukulele, and keyboard.

The band’s latest album, “Expectations,” is a full bodied, mini-orchestra of pop arrangements.

Tacocat 6/21/19

An American indie-punk rock quartet from Seattle, Tacocat started out make feminist pop-punk that stood out in the 2007 Seattle scene. Their instrumentals are untamed and vigorously catchy, with bubblegum overtones.

Tacocat dives into social issues through their humorous and witty lyrics, using satire and comedy to take away power from misogyny and bigotry. However, their lyrics can also be lighthearted and fun, depicting clever and bizarre scenes.

Justin Martin 6/22/19

Justin Martin is no stranger to Meow Wolf. His 2018 residency at House of Eternal Return featured four bustling shows, and his fanbase was consistently spotted dancing long into the night. His DJ sets are energetic and melodic from open to close.

A co-founder of the tenacious and genre-dominating label, Dirtybird Records, Martin is a legend in the house music scene as both a DJ and producer. His music is playful and true to the bassline-drop-and-vocal-sample sound that can be found across the Dirtybird roster.

Chromeo 6/22/19

Chromeo is a veteran electro-funk duo who have been releasing high-quality, synthy, neo-disco pop music for nearly two decades. Vocalist and songwriter Dave 1 writes lyrics that primarily hit on topics of love and lust. While their older music resembles Daft Punk with vocoder vocals and brilliant synthwave basslines and melodies, their newer releases are geared towards smoother vocals and R&B radio hooks.

If you like Chromeo, you should check out music by Hot Chip and Cut Copy. We also recommend you venture into lesser-known, but equally influential artists like Kennedy, Simian Mobile Disco, and Penguin Prison.