Spring 2024 Music Events in Santa Fe & Denver

Art and sound collide during these spring events at Meow Wolf.

Step into the extraordinary realm of events at Meow Wolf, where performances transcend the boundaries of reality and linger in the mind long after. Whether it's a mysterious soirée or a showcase of cutting-edge artistry, Meow Wolf events invite you to lose yourself in the mesmerizing blend of creativity that defines our vibrant community.

Check out our events happening at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM and Denver, CO during spring 2024.

Concerts at Meow Wolf Denver’s The Perplexiplex:

Mura Masa

A double image of a person with a green and blue balaclava looks into the camera.

From quiet upbringings to soaring international popularity, Mura Masa has grown into an artist that captures key moments in pop culture and makes them his own. From collaborating with a multitude of artists, including PinkPantheress’ & Ice Spice’s ‘Boy’s a liar Pt. 2,’ Mura Masa continues to redefine the bounds of electronic music. 

His latest album, demon time, is a dive into hedonistic themes and nuanced subcultures that culminates in a collection of highly acclaimed futuristic pop. 

Produce your own energies to Mura Masa on February 22nd in The Perplexiplex.

Honey Island Swamp Band: Dark Side of the Swamp

A black and white image of 5 male-presenting people, a rainbow refraction laid overtop the image.

Formed in the early 2000s of San Francisco, The Honey Island Swamp Band are a group that continues to create a contemporary sound unlike any other. Their songs fluctuate between eras and spaces in time, which ultimately results in something that sounds new, but also sounds like a hit song you’ve heard in a past life.

In this special performance, the Honey Island Swamp Band will guide you into the Dark Side of the Swamp. Prepare to be engulfed with the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd, but with Honey Island Swamp Band’s own takes and twists on it. 

See you on March 8th, you beautiful transcendent beings.

Hannah Wicklund

A female-presenting person stands in front of a red curtain, they look into the camera with both arms up and hands close to their face.

An artist both in music and painting, Hannah Wicklund has grown from her beginnings in a rock n’ roll band at 8 years old to a full-fledged artist that continues to mature in her sound. Her music invites you to an entrancing environment filled with smokey vocals, strings, and guitar solos that will leave you eager for more.

In her latest release, The Prize, Wicklund focuses on her moments of growth from that 8 year old girl she was, to the woman she is today. Continuing to forge her own path ahead, she showcases her journey through her passionate rock sounds.

Rock, roll, and journey with Hannah Wicklund in her performance on April 6th in Denver.

Royel Otis

A black and white image of a person holding a guitar and another person behind them in a black long-sleeved shirt looking to the upper right. They’re both on a staircase.

No, they don’t spell Royel with an “a”, but they royally know how to throw an indie-pop-rock party. Royel Otis has gotten many accolades and chart-topping hits from their home of Australia to across the pond, and are bringing that exciting energy to Denver.

Their 3rd EP, Sofa Kings, expresses a collection of witty stories delivered with lucious guitar melodies and riffs. Their first full-length album, Pratts & Pain, comes out February 2024 and is sure to continue the dive into articulated melodic narratives.

Catch Royel Otis at The Perplexiplex in Denver on May 11th.

Concerts at Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s Fancy Town:

The Beaches

4 female-presenting people have their arms resting over each other's shoulders looking in different directions.

With a live performance that will leave you energized, entranced, and ready to dance, The Beaches are coming to Fancy Town.  With their indie-rock vibes, they carry a semi-nostalgic sound vibes, giving nods to various 80s melodies.

Having opened for artists like The Foo Fighters, Alanis Morissette, and Avril Lavigne, The Beaches know how to party. With quick wit lyrics and an undeniable energy, they’re ready to get your night started (or started and ended if you’re a go-to-bed-early person). 

Catch them on February 24th at Fancy Town.

Kyle Watson

A person looks into the camera, their face lit in pink and blue lighting, a plain expression.

From the international hub of Johannesburg, Kyle Watson brings a global sound to his iteration of house music. 

With sound design as his focus, he intricately weaves thumping basslines and bold drums– creating an egalitarian music that sounds amazing in the clubs and in your own home (as you dance while you make dinner, or rush-clean before your friends come over, eep!)

Watson has recently been getting more love across the US and South America, continuing to boost his trajectory upwards in the global spotlight. Catch this rising star at Fancy Town on March 16th.

Indigo de Souza

A person in a white flowing dress raises their arms in the air, a desert and hill terrain behind them.

Embracing emotions and the journey of life, Indigo de Souza has applied her indie-rock sound to her 3rd album, All of This Will End. Looking at resonant moments in her life, she’s built a collection of songs that reflect on how a person develops, good times and bad, to grow into who they become in the present.

From childhood memories, trips through Appalachia, and pivotal moments of ultimate self-love, Indigo de Souza paints a raw picture of life. From stories of the human experience, she expresses how she traverses these times to find her current calm and balance with her community and her own spirit within.

Take a journey with Indigo de Souza in Santa Fe on April 1st.

G Flip

Being a drummer at the young age of 9, G Flip developed a passion for high-powered rock and pop sounds at a young age. These sounds have only grown as they have become the Australian chart-topping artist they are today. 

Their brazen sounds allows them to passionately share about their life experiences as a queer, non-binary artist. They hope their message comes through loud and clear to all audiences, helping others to embrace their truths boldly. 

Come throw your cares to the wind and embrace the raucous now with G Flip on May 11th.

Brace yourself for a sonic journey with our special playlist. ⤵️