September 2023 Events in Santa Fe & Denver

Slip into September events at Santa Fe and Denver!

Are you ready to traverse through a rollercoaster of booty shaking beats? Yeah, we thought so.  

Concerts at Meow Wolf Denver’s The Perplexiplex:

Last Heroes

two male-presenting people wearing black t-shirts and standing in the woods
Photo Courtesy of Last Heroes

We pride ourselves on trying to sprinkle a smidge of happiness into your happy hours, so if you’re in need of a jolt of effervescence, join us for Last Heroes. Garrett Lucero and Brian Helander joined harmonic forces in 2016 to channel our individual impact on the world through their thoughtful, sonic storytelling. Their powerful messaging and richly melodious sounds create spaces that allow listeners to explore body- and mind-expanding experiences. Their shows stand firmly in the importance of strong communities while also providing us those gut-punch electronic drops they have perfected.

Find the light in darkness on the dance floor with Last Heroes on September 7.


two people wearing sweaters and jeans near the trees with light shining through
Photo Courtesy of Zoë Alma

Bonded during summers planting trees in Canada, Evan Cheadle (guitar), Justin Devries (drums), and Patrick Rendell (bass+backup vocals) take listeners on an alluring, dreamy journey. Their soft, cloud-like lyrics are paired with innocent, hopeful, Haight Ashbury sounds that transport fans into a meditative space. Their songs aren’t meant to make political statements or encourage fans to have some sort of emotional epiphany – they seemingly just want us to lay in the grass, watch the daylight fade, and enjoy the day. And we are here for it.  

Come waste the day away with Loving on September 9.

Chris Liebing

Male-presenting person wearing a black beanie and black sweater in an outdoor space with a building behind
Photo Courtesy of Edith Berfors

We don’t want to claim that Chris Liebing is a global techno ambassador, but…we absolutely are. German-born genius, Liebing transformed the club scene in the 90s and has never looked back. His provocative, pulsating, purposeful mixes propel audiences into a trance like state having perfected this for decades. The vibration creates a sense of freedom that can only be curated by a seasoned professional who is willing to explore and challenge the boundaries of what music can and should be.

Burn slow with us on September 21.

Evan + Zane

two people sitting on a booth with neon tubes of light waving over their heads at Meow Wolf Santa Fe
Photo courtesy of Evan + Zane

Evan Rachel Wood and Zane Carney are taking us on a psychedelic ride and although we’d like to tell you more about the setlist, we can’t. Certain to be stylish, this cabaret-infused show will be specifically catered to our unique art-infused space. Their covers bring new, magical life to old favorites with Wood’s dreamy vocals paired with Carney’s mad guitar skills. It’s their undeniable chemistry that seems to bring audiences closer to the stage, step-by-entranced-step.  

Come dream a little dream with us on September 22.  

Special Denver Events: Phlexi-Verse, Drag-A-Verse, Absolute Rubbish, Danceportation, and DCI Tour.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe Concerts at Fancy Town: 

Christian French

artist Christian French wearing black denim and crouched down with a hand near the face
Photo Courtesy of Christian French

Indiana-born, Christian French’s positive pop bops speak to younger audiences who are most definitely looking for validation while making questionable decisions– and we are ALL for that! French understands how difficult it can be to navigate through social spaces while trying to find yourself creatively and it shines in his smooth voice and crowd-friendly lyrics.

Join us on August 10, to truly understand why foolishness lies in seeking a true explanation.

Lauren Sanderson

blonde female-presenting person with a black trucker hat on backward and smiling into the camera
Photo Courtesy of Lauren Sanderson

Hey QUEEN BEES! Indiana is making yet another appearance in Santa Fe! YouTube sensation Lauren Sanderson prides herself on not giving a fuck and we encourage you to do the same. Her pop songs give crowds a shame-free space to explore heartache, sex, and all things Midwest-cool. The key to Sanderson’s popularity is not only her dynamic stage presence, but also her raw vulnerability about her queer experiences. Sing those inspirational songs, you beautiful human!

Searching to free your inner freak? We thought so. Join us on September 13.

Krooked Kings

group of people huddled in a group holding red cups with a black background
Photo Courtesy of Krooked Kings

Ex-Mormon, Utah-based Krooked Kings provide listeners with a soft, easily accessible sound. With a naked, beach pop vibe, the band takes us on a journey of light, and earthly discoveries with their light beats. These five college friends bring us right back to those free basement shows and we are not mad about it. Encourage a solid sway and maybe, just maybe, these indie rock jams will remind you that walking away from everything may inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

What do you want to take with you and what do you want to leave behind? Let’s find out together on September 27!

Get hyped up for these shows with our special playlist. ⤵️