Summer 2024 Music Events in Santa Fe & Denver

See the worlds of Fancy Town and The Perplexiplex® come to life with music this summer at Meow Wolf.

Step into the extraordinary realm of events at Meow Wolf, where performances transcend the boundaries of reality and linger in the mind long after. Whether it's a mysterious soirée or a showcase of cutting-edge artistry, Meow Wolf events invite you to lose yourself in the mesmerizing blend of creativity that defines our vibrant community.

Check out our events happening at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM and Denver, CO during summer 2024.

Concerts at Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s Fancy Town:

Mr. Bill
A person in a black t-shirt and yellow-tinted glasses looks at the camera between their two raised hands that are sideways next to the camera lens.

Not only a producer, but also a teacher to those up and coming in the electronic music scene, Mr. Bill has spent quite some time in the studio and has gained a wealth of experience. He happily shares his knowledge through his own educational website,, which houses thousands of hours of educational videos teaching music production software, hosting sample track packs to get producers started, and more.

Other than being an electronic educator from Sydney, he leads the scene in creating original tracks, remixes, and collaborations. He has an extensive co-creator list, with the likes of deadmau5, Ganja White Night, Subtronics, and Infected Mushroom included. His original creations have also allowed him to score motion pictures like Mom and Dad, and develop sounds used in other areas, like apps and games. 

While Mr. Bill has toured globally and played many legendary venues and festivals, we are excited to have him add Meow Wolf onto that list. Listen and maybe learn a thing or two in Santa Fe on June 7th.

The Queer Prom
A purple and peach colored image with the words “The Queer Prom” written in the center. A ribbon is on the left, a strand of lights and a disco ball to the right.

Meow Wolf and the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance (HRA) have partnered for years to bring a PRIDE celebration to the House, and 2024 is no exception.

At all-ages Queer Prom, this event allows for anyone and everyoneto come and express themselves in their best prom attire for a night of dancing and pure joy. Maybe you went to a prom in your past life that you want to redo with a much cooler date - or maybe you just really really enjoy corsages and boutonnieres and want to show off your collection. This is your chance, friends!

No prom would be complete without a theme, and ours is Galactic Y2K in honor of Shontez ‘Taz’ Denise Morris, a beloved former Meow Wolf employee and HRA board member. 

Please dawn your early 2000s vibes, butterfly hair clips included, and come join us on June 14th.

PRIDE with Jasmine Infiniti
A black and white photo of a person with headphones on looking slyly at the camera and sticking their tongue out at it. A graffitied wall is behind them.

Living in Brooklyn but born in the Bronx, Jasmine Infiniti has molded genres into cohesive DJ sets and original tracks. Blending ballroom, hip-hop, house, techno and more, she creates a rollercoaster of ups and downs that give you the energy to dance, but also time to catch your breath. 

Pulling these various sounds together, she created her self-released album, "BXTCH SLÄP", in 2020 to great success. Riding this wave, Jasmine continued to build her sound with a deep and dark dive into the club scene with her, “WW1”, release. These two released collections have carried her onwards as a key name in American club culture. 

Dance in a trance to Jasmine when she headlines our PRIDE event in Santa Fe on June 28th.

Red Fang
A group of 4 people are caught mid-jump in the photo, all wearing various dark clothing in front of a white photoshoot screen.

Touring with the release of their newest album, Arrows, Red Fang is bringing their metal antics to Meow Wolf Santa Fe. Creating music that is, “us doing whatever the fuck we wanted,” per vocalist/bassist Aaron Beam, they’re bringing in a fresh iteration of their Fang sound.

Working with longtime collaborator and producer Chris Funk, the band has leaned into the weird and creepy to produce something unique from their past albums, using interrupting and disorienting sounds with otherworldly interludes sprinkled throughout. A sample of one of these sounds was recorded when drummer John Sherman was put inside of an emptied out pool to record, resulting in a booming and assaulting sound that is used throughout multiple tracks.  

Even though there are disorienting sounds in their latest album, the band still stays true to themselves as an out-of-the-ordinary metal band. For example, they like to keep their humor with them in shows and their music videos. “If you were to have dinner with the band, it would be closer to one of our videos than, like, us walking in slow-mo through the fog with a goat’s head,” guitarist and vocalist Bryan Giles, noting that humor and real life is what shines through.

Get weird, disoriented, and laugh a little with Red Fang on July 1st.

Concerts at Meow Wolf Denver’s The Perplexiplex®:

Bensley, Justin Hawkes & Kumarion Present Carry the Fire
An image of 3 people with black and dark shirts looking into the camera. “Carry The Fire” is written at the top in red.

A triple headliner show of dance, electronic, and drum & bass music is coming to Denver with the Carry The Fire tour. 

Bensley, the first of the three headliners, is a producer from Toronto that leads the dance music scene in Canada. He takes influences from many genres and blends them with bumping bass sounds to create alluring dancefloor tracks. His musicality and careful production-forward mindset shows in his releases and live sets, which has led to international recognition and opportunities to play major festivals like EDC, Tomorrowland, and Lost Lands.

Next up is Justin Hawkes, an enthusiastic American Drum & Bass producer. Formerly known as Flite, in 2020 Hawkes decided to take on a new persona to project himself into a fresh chapter of his career. He prides himself on his range of production skills that include powerful club anthems and vibrant vocals, some of which are his own. He has partnered with Bensley on multiple tracks and toured with him as well, so this show brings a special connection for the two of them.

Finally we have Kumarion, who has combined different genres to get his own unique Drum & Bass sound. Early on in his career, he was enraptured with punk and reggae and then stumbled upon Dub and Jungle beats, which then influenced what would ultimately become his signature sound. Kumarion continues to release new and exciting tracks, which has landed him on Billboard’s 10 Dance Artists To Watch list.

Catch all three production heavy hitters on June 15th in Denver.

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers 
A group of people in an array of colorful shirts and white pants, all looking calm into the camera.

Cue the laughter, joy, colorful images and personalities - these are all things you can expect from Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers. Starting out as just Joe Hertler’s adventure as a singer/songwriter, he picked up friends and musicians alike to join his group of “Rainbow Seekers,” resulting in the group of 6 performers that make up the band today. Their sound is bright and bubbly, funky and fresh, all stemming from roots in Funk, Folk, Motown, and Americana. 

A big part of The Rainbow Seekers experience is seeing them at a live show. They’ve played many major festivals, like Bonnaroo and Electric Forest, and keep growing in fans because of their effervescent live performances. From fog, flowers, piñatas, sword-battles and more, the group allows for so much playful energy, and the crowds feed off of that and contribute to the exciting atmosphere.

Share in The Rainbow Seekers silliness and celebration in Denver on July 13th.

Ibibio Sound Machine
A group of 8 people gather close together in-front of a green wall and smile and smirk towards the camera. Their clothes are various colors and patterns.

Originally being of a sunny, daytime festival vibe, to now a dark and steamy club energy, Ibibio Sound Machine has altered their sound in a new, energetic way. Shown especially in their 2022 album Electricity and in their latest release “Pull the Rope,”  Ibibio Sound Machine has continued their journey into a deeper house and funk sound.

As part of going down this new sonic path, the band has adapted the way they create their music, especially in their writing and song-building style. Since Electricity, they have changed from jamming on instrumentals and building in lyrics as they go, to reversing that recipe and writing the lyrics first and then formulating the sound around the message. An additional contribution to their sound change was adding an edgier producer, Ross Orton, to lean into heavier vibes.

This new chapter of Ibibio Sound Machine is full of excitement, especially for their live performances where they blend their instrumentals and vocals in real-time, creating unforgettable and very danceable energies. Enjoy this melting pot of sound on July 21st in Denver.

Rock and Roll Playhouse Plays Music of Grateful Dead
A black textured background with a red guitar pick at the top center of the image. The white main text reads “Plays Music Of Grateful Dead & More For Kids.”

Rock and Roll Playhouse brings their touring act of classic rock to Meow Wolf Denver, this time featuring the sounds of the Grateful Dead. 

The Playhouse is a series of concerts that are hosted at many venues across the country, focusing on bringing the joy of classic rock to a younger generation. Kids and parents alike are welcome to join in dancing and playing around the space during performances. Not only is there music, but they offer games and stories to keep the children engaged and having fun. The more joy and positive experience the Rock and Roll Playhouse creates with the kids, the more they have this lasting experience with music and in particular, rock n’ roll.

Dance and play at this special performance in The Perplexiplex® on August 3rd.

Prep yourself for these great shows with our special summer shows playlist here ⤵️