A Dance Obscura: The Artists of Dark Palace

Get to know the musicians and collaborating artists performing at Meow Wolf's 3-day event in Denver || Nov 22, 23, 24

Are you ready to rave in light against the dying of the night?

Do you pine for a palace of precious rubble and ruin? Meow Wolf Dark Palace is nearly here, and you’ll finally be able to explore the ancient, concrete, voluminous maze as our massive lineup of electronic musicians merge for three days with immersive installations from visual artists.


We want everyone to have the best time possible, so without further ado, here’s our special edition Dark Palace Setlist featuring EVERY musical artist performing November 22, 23, 24 at the National Western Complex in Denver.

FRIDAY 11/22/19

Claude VonStroke The founder of California-based Dirtybird Records, Claude VonStroke (aka Barclay Crenshaw) is a pioneering DJ who is regularly recognized as one of the world’s best. VonStroke’s freaky fun dance music is a mix of house and techno that he’s described as “tech funk,” which employs simple, yet eternal hooks, and a minimalist, yet progressive aesthetic. Ever-ebullient, the respected label owner known for “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” is the ultimate dance scene multihyphenate.

MK Marc Kinchen, aka MK, is a Detroit-born DJ and producer whose success can be traced back as far as the early ‘90s. He hit the U.S. charts in 1993 and 1994 with the songs “Always” and “Love Changes,” before finding himself as the house industry’s go-to remixer, working with everyone from Céline Dion to Pet Shop Boys and Moby.

After dabbling in hip-hop beats for Will Smith and Pit Bull in the new millennium, MK returned to deep house as new fans began discovering his early work.

Guy Gerber An Israeli electronic DJ and producer, Guy Gerber has turned a love for Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine into mesmerizing, moody music that always holds the potential of bursting into pure elation. Gerber is consistently considered to be one of the best touring electronic acts, with some noteworthy performances including a 12-hour set at Burning Man and a residency at Pacha. Look for a show with a natural build out of deep, almost spiritual beginnings.

Worra DJ Mag’s Breakthrough Producer of the Year for 2019, J. Worra (Jamie Sitter) brings fun, bouncy, danceable tracks that are perfect for a festival setting.

Jlin A native of Gary, Indiana, Jlin (Jerrilynn Patton) uses entirely original material to produce her tracks these days. She first received notice when her song “Erotic Heat” featured on a compilation showcasing Chicago juke and footwork.

Öona Dahl Looking for a balance between light and dark? Öona Dahl was made for Dark Palace with her isochronic tones weaving through deep house, experimental electronica, and techno.

Steve Darko An up-and-comer in the underground house scene, Steve Darko has emerged from Boston to grab the attention of Claude VonStroke with his skills as a producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Jimmy Edgar A polymath from Detroit, Jimmy Edgar is known for his early glitch records, but Edgar’s varied skills and interests have brought a unique twist of funk and eroticism to old school techno.

option4 Incorporating tribal rhythms and complex melodies with a dynamic low-end, option4 provides a powerful, hypnotic style unlike anyone else in house music.

SATURDAY 11/23/19

CharlestheFirst Get ready for psychedelic dreamscapes. A son of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Charles the First composes experimental electronic sounds with heavy influences of hip-hop and, well, nature. His most recent release is the 2019 EP, No Dimmer, which continues the Charles Ingalls’ pattern of exploring the frequencies of nature and stories of far-off places.

A true sonic adventurer.

Shlohmo L.A.’s Henry Laufer, better known as Shlohmo, is a founding member of the electronic music collection WeDidIt. Shlohmo’s third and most recent album, The End, finds the former purveyor of angsty, emotive, teen-friendly melancholy moving into a much grander realm. The shoulder shrug vibes still remain, but the surrounding scenery and stakes have become much more dramatic.

Late Night Radio Already versed in the Denver electronic music scene, Late Night Radio (Alex Medellin) is a master at weaving deep, emotional moments through energetic, soul-funk grooves. With a background based in hip-hop, Medellin’s approach is often considered to be more innovative than peers who emerged straight out of the dance scene.

An instantly identifiable bounce.

VCTRE A rising star of the underground straight out of Alabama, VCTRE leans heavily on animalistic bass, left-field breaks, and straight-up swag to create an infectious, yet deceptively textured sound. Ambitious, acclaimed, and unapologetic, VCTRE is firmly setting his feet in the next generation of insanely talented producers and sound designers.

Mass Relay A Denver-based glitch-hop duo originally from Chicago, Mass Relay bring a future funky instrumental twist to the scene.

Megan Hamilton A producer and vocalist from Minneapolis, Megan Hamilton’s experience with Bristol’s Ghetto Funk have introduced a European angle to funk and house music in the U.S.

LYFTD Part of the ever-present electro-funk scene, Denver-based LYFTYD are a group that utilizes live drums and guitar alongside upbeat electronica.

Mikey Thunder A Denver-based, genre-merging, bass-banging DJ, Mikey Thunder in a skilled improvisor who has the abilities to bring whatever sounds a party needs with the snap of a finger.

NADASOUND Denver-based NADASOUND produces Colorado Mystic Crunk, a unique genre unto itself that will undoubtedly appeal to glitch and bass mavens.

SUNDAY 11/24/19

Dirt Monkey Welcome to the land of infinite bass. A veteran of the Denver dubstep community, Dirt Monkey (Patrick Megeath) is revered as an innovator of bass music, yet his rich experience reveals an ability to blend heavy, elephant-sized stomps with intricate, uplifting melodies. Expect a measured mixture of old school dubstep with new school EDM from this vibrant performer.

Shades The international duo of Alix Perex (Belgium/UK) and Eprom (USA) make up Shades, with both members having already established themselves as bass monsters before joining forces around 5 years ago. Together, though, they’ve created a sound that relies heavily on glitch, sloping grooves, and gluttonous bass. Come sit deep in the pocket.

Of The Trees Coming from Portland, Maine, experimental electronic producer Of The Trees (Tyler Coombs) has shown a great deal of versatility and depth across his releases. You can reasonably expect anything from heavy vibes to emotional adventures and straight-up, mid-tempo dance tracks.

If you’re into an artist who isn’t afraid to try new things, Of The Trees is someone you’ll absolutely wub.

Lauren Lane An Ibiza favorite, L.A.-based DJ and producer Lauren Lane started out in the New York house scene, but her global tech house sound has taken her to clubs and festivals all over the world. Lane’s music is rich with grooves, surgical melodies, and danceable bounce. Her 2017 EP, Diary of a Madwoman, has only furthered her reputation for having a truly signature sound.

Eli Escobar A two-decade veteran of the NYC house scene, Eli Escobar is a DJ who joins golden era disco classics with modern club anthems.

Krystal Klear A producer and DJ from Dublin, Krystal Klear (Dec Lennon) blends a deep knowledge of the underground dance scene with serious studio skills.

Morgan G is down with the groove. Playing somewhere directly between disco and house (oh, but what a soft spot for disco), she has been hooking crowds in around Denver, Arizona and SoCal with her fresh and funky take on four on the floor.

MeSo A complete original, Spicy Bois creator MeSo destroys the freeform bass world with spicy wubz and a heavy, chromatic sound.

Collaborating Artists

Dark Palace features immersive installations by a number of local artists, including AudioPixel, Chelsey Crandell, Collin Parson, Denver Digerati, Emma Balder, Ethnograph, Jon Medina, Laleh Mehran & Chris Coleman, Matt Barton, Moe Gram, Psychopomps, Rainbow Militia, Secret Love Collective, The Girls of Denver Kiki Sessions, and Werk Out Palace.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

Secret Love Collective A group of queer-identified artists, makers, and performers, Secret Love Collective wants to “connect and create worlds that do not yet exist.” The seven core members combine their skills to produce events, performances, and installations that challenge the status quo and social structures and identities. However, they are also driven by a desire to create spaces where individuals can come together and grow as a community. Expect incredible costuming, performance, and — above all — connection.

AudioPixel A Boulder-based company that creates immersive art and sound-reactive visual programming, AudioPixel creates lighting projects and interactive art installations with custom software. They’ve collaborated with many big names in electronic music and have worked at major festivals like Burning Man, Arise, and Apogaea, in addition to a number of local events.

Laleh Mehran & Chris Coleman Both faculty members of the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver, Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman might already be familiar to fans of Meow Wolf through their collaborative work on Kaleidoscape at Elitch Gardens. Mehran and Coleman created animations for the ride’s opening, but both have rich experience far beyond these contributions as successful multimedia artists.

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